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H-Block IRA POWs smuggled letter to the Vatican

Throughout Ireland's struggle against foreign occupation the men and women who took up the fight for freedom have not always had good leaders. Many times they had terrible leaders. Some leaders have led their men towards God in this land which was once known as the land of Saints and Scholars and others have led their followers away from God. Unfortunately for the men of the 1970s to present, they have had godless leaders like Gerry Adams and the rest of the Sinn Fein leadership who became the voice of that particular uprising. Albeit that the leaders of Sinn Fein are not even pretending to be nationalist anymore and are just outright socialist, communist, open border and anti God leaders. The IRA POWs in the H-Blocks were no different than other Irish men and women of previous generations who stood up to fight for their freedom in that, like all, they faced the battle of good v evil in their hearts and conscience. It is the fight we all face whether we live in peaceful times or troubled times. That decisive battle we all face can be won or lost depending on the books we read, the TV we watch, the music we listen to and most of all, it can be won or lost by whom we choose to follow.

Below is a letter which was smuggled out of the H-Blocks in 1981 from a POW which shows one prisoner's endeavour to reconcile his struggle with the Catholic Faith. Although, it is not known whether the author of the letter is currently reconciled with God or not, it was undoubtedly unfortunate for him and others, they had godless Marxist leaders like Gerry Adams who played a leading role in leading a whole generation away from God and His Holy Church. Adams who once said "The Church has had its day" set himself against God. Anyone who is an enemy of God is an enemy of Ireland and the Irish people. Those same godless enemies of Ireland who champion the slogan of Bobby Sands, "Our revenge will be the laughter of our children", are now responsible for more murders of Irish children in a few years than what the British army killed in 30 years in the occupied counties of Ireland, thanks to their "legalisation" of abortion.

If only the freedom fighters of the Troubles had followed God rather than foolish men, how different Ireland would be now.

The letter itself, which was addressed to the Cardinals of Rome, was smuggled out to a Belfast man who was working in Italy at the time. That man then translated it into Italian before passing it on to the Cardinals. Pics of the original letter along with typed version follow below -

To the cardinals of Italy from the men of the "blanket protest" in the "H-Block" prison of Northern Ireland.

Your Eminences. I take the liberty of writing this letter to you on a serious topic. Despite the fact that I am completely unknown to you, it seems to me that the subject should attract your attention and arouse deep concern in you and, since you enjoy great authority and respect in your country, your voice may carry more weight than mine or than that of my companions. I come to you like an unknown person met on the side of the road and I beg your help not for me but for a man who feels deep pain and anguish, a man too weak to raise his voice in his defense and I ask you to play the role of the good Samaritan.

I am a political prisoner in the "H-Block" of Long Kesh concentration camp in Northern Ireland, and the man for whom I raise my voice is Bobby Sands the man leading the current hunger strike with three of his comrades. As I write, Bobby has already entered the sixth week of the strike and consequently the pain is severe and death is imminent. This hunger strike is the last desperate attempt of more than 450 political prisoners to find a just and humane solution to the suffering that has dragged on for four and a half years in the "H-Blocks". Our "blanket protest" was a protest based on the demand for political status for political prisoners, while the British government insists on deeming us common criminals. However, I ask you not to judge this letter on the basis of political reasons but from a humanitarian and Christian point of view.

Many of our faith have already raised their voices in our defense, among them Cardinal O'Fiach, Primate of Ireland and his bishops, but the British government, without mercy, has rejected their appeals. Therefore, please lend your voice to that of Cardinal O'Fiach and to our protest to ensure a just solution.

From the beginning of our protest until today, we have conducted a campaign of passive resistance, but have had to endure harsh violence in response. The hunger strike is the ultimate weapon of passive protest.

In my squalid cell in the "H-Block" the only book is the Bible and I read it often. What struck me most about this reading is the courageous defense, even to the point of death, despite terrible torture, of their faith by men and women who became our saints and martyrs. Their companions were the thousands of Christians killed in the Colosseum. Their captors only wanted them to deny their faith in exchange for freedom.

I couldn't help but notice how similar our total submission to their dominion was in exchange for our survival. They want us to accept the infamous title of criminals and all that this entails, which is contrary to our beliefs. In order to force us to give in, they subjected us to terror and brutal torture for almost five years.

We are therefore all political prisoners locked up in prisons for our principles and our ideology. Furthermore, the persecution against us clearly demonstrates aspects of religious sectarianism. But we cannot afford to give in to pressure from our guards. We cannot betray our principles, and so consequently our captors now threaten our very existence. We have raised our protest against these barbarisms,

Some condemn the hunger strike as suicide, but couldn't our saints and martyrs have saved their lives by denying their faith? They didn't do that. Was their firmness suicidal? No, I remember from my Bible a text from John, chapter 15 verse 13, which says, "The greatest love a man can have for his brothers is to lay down his life for them." At this moment it seems to me that Bobby and his companions on hunger strike are doing precisely this. They sacrifice their lives to end the misery and suffering of their 450 comrades.

The only hope of saving the lives of these men is the pressure of public opinion strong enough to convince the British government to think and change a vindictive and barbaric policy.

I implore you to unite your voice in order to save the lives of these men and put an end to the suffering of their comrades and their families. Please think about what I have written and urgently help us before it is too late.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Gerard Fusco,


Long Kesh


While the prisoner who wrote the letter above was inside jail reading the Bible, searching for God and reaching out to His Church, Gerry Adams was growing deeper in contempt of God. Adams would eventually go on to lead many of his followers into extreme liberalism which is wreaking havoc on Ireland's culture and the souls of Irish people.

In one interview, Gerry Adams called into question the nature of the Catholic Church. He insinuated that it was merely man made. He was wrong, The Catholic Church is Divinely made by God Himself. It is only when the Irish people turn back to that Truth, that they will attain true freedom.

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