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A Blood Curse Upon the Nation

It is widely assumed that the American Civil War came about as a result of opposition to the institution of slavery. This is actually true, but not for the reason that most people might imagine. Slavery was certainly a political factor in the conflict however the issue of States’ rights was more of a driving force behind this extraordinarily bloody war which literally bled dry the descendants of the original American Revolutionaries.

The role of slavery may not have driven the urge to fratricidal battle, but in many ways it made it inevitable. War was the punishment that the American Nation had to endure for the evil of human bondage.

Slavery was first and foremost a morally repugnant blight and stain upon the ideals of the Republic as declared and fought for from 1776 onwards. Despite sundry efforts to deal with the issue over succeeding decades primarily through outright abolition of the institution and total emancipation for the slaves themselves, nothing changed to any significant degree.

Radical abolitionists saw slavery as not merely a moral and political matter, but one that fired up outright religious zeal. From their perspective, the sin of slavery invited a blood curse upon the American Nation.

Some abolitionists took radical action to address what they saw as an abomination. Thus, the failed uprising by John Brown and his associates at Harpers Ferry in Virginia in late 1859. And whilst the attempt to bring about an armed slave rebellion was ostensibly defeated it nevertheless lit the slow fuse that led to the American Civil War.

It is said that war is the consequential chastisement for the accumulation of grievous sin in a nation. And there are few nations that have accumulated sin on an industrial scale in recent decades like our very own dear old Ireland; the one time land of ‘Saints and Scholars’ that has now degenerated to the depths of depravity. A society that has consciously turned its back on God and our rich Christian heritage and wantonly handed itself over to the forces of hell.

True Patriots are rightly appalled at the sissification of Ireland in the last couple of decades. Where once we had manly soldiers like Eoghan Rua Ó Néill to emulate and inspire our youth, we now have ugly drag queens like Rory O’Neill aka ‘panti bliss’ to tell us how we should live and generally make us cringe.

Well within living memory Ireland has gone from a society where family and children were not only cherished but recognised as vitally important for the general well being of all our people, to a place where women young and old publicly applaud and cheer at the prospects of painfully murdering and dismembering their own unborn children. 

Aggressive secularism and paganism have rapidly displaced our once deeply Catholic culture whose rich roots run deep into our history. And even the most jaded and cynical have remarked upon the coarseness of Irish society of late, steeped as it is in drugs and rampant hedonism.

The accumulation of sin has risen well beyond the point of unbearable stench and only a mass repentance and turning back to God can save our nation. Miracles are possible.

Failing that, Ireland is destined to receive what it always does whenever our people turn their backs on the Faith that Patrick brought to our Isle, namely, a Divine chastisement. And this one will be as none before. By voting for abortion the Irish have openly spat in the face of God and taunted Him about what His response might be. I suspect we shall not have long to wait before we see the outcome of this blood curse upon our nation.

 For the sake of your loyal Catholic people, have mercy on us, O Lord.


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