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Midlands Man given Suspended Sentence for “Breaching the Peace” at "Pride Parade"

Midlands man John McGhee was handed a suspended sentence at Portlaoise District Court on Tuesday 28th of May of this year. Judge Nicola Andrews imposed an imprisonment sentence of ninety days which she suspended in full on the conditions that Mr. McGhee pay a fine of 500 to the Courts and be bound to the peace for the next two years. Mr. McGhee was convicted of three public order charges; threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour in a public place, distribution or display in a public place of material which is threatening, abusive, insulting or obscene and failure to comply with the directions of An Garda Síochána. The charges were made in connection to an incident that took place at Fitzmaurice Place, Portlaoise Town, on September 9th last year.

Mr. McGhee's arresting officer, Garda Aran Grehan, who can be seen on the far left in the picture above, on the day of the incident, along with her colleagues and the "diversity car", told the Court that she was liaising with the LGBT Portlaoise group on the day in question, when she observed a male standing on the street holding a placard which read "LGBT Tyranny is grooming your kids".

Garda Grehan stated that "Mr. McGhee had a phone in his other hand and appeared to be recording the people at the parade. As I approached him I heard him shouting to those present that 'LGBT are pedophiles and are brainwashing your children'".

She said she asked him to be respectful of the people who were present and pointed out that there were several young children and teenagers present. Garda Grehan said "he told me that he had a right to protest and I told him he could protest once he done so in a peaceful manner and as long as he wasn't causing upset to the people that were present". She said he walked away from the crowd and stood quietly on the footpath for a few minutes but as she went back to the diversity patrol car he followed her in an intimidating manner whilst shouting "the Gardaí are supporting pedophiles and covering for them". Garda Grehan said she then got into the diversity patrol car because he continued to shout at her and was aggressive towards her.

Garda Grehan told the Court that just before the parade was about to start she observed Mr. McGhee approaching the crowd again and so she went over to observe him when a mother, Caitriona O'Hearne, approached her and told her that she had asked him to stop taking videoing her and her child and that he (Mr. McGhee) had become abusive towards her.

In her statement Catriona O'Hearne said that Mr. McGhee approached her and said "LGBT Pride what have you to be proud of?". She said she told him that he doesn't have her permission to record her child or her friends or to put the recordings up online, but that he responded by telling her that he had a right to protest as he was protecting the children. She said he was shouting "why are you letting your kids support this crap? LGBT is grooming the children, what kind of parent are you?".

(John McGhee pictured at Laois Pride Parade, 2023)

Garda Grehan told the Court that she directed John under Section 8 of the Criminal Justice Public Order Act to leave the area as his shouting and the display of his placard, was abusive and insulting. She stated "he took a step back from where the members of the public were getting organised to start the Parade but shortly after this I then observed Mr. McGhee walking in front of the diversity patrol car. I got out of the car and I spoke to John McGhee and I informed him that he could not take part in the Parade as he had not entered into it and he then proceeded to walk behind me in the parade as I was last driving the diversity car".

Garda Grehan informed the Court "As we approached Main Street he became more vocal and louder and continued to wave his placard which appeared to have a Swastika on it".

The Court heard that Garda Grehan then stopped the car and got out and spoke to him again and informed him that he was committing an offence under Section 6 of the Public Order Act and asked him to remain quiet.

Garda Grehan said she was not in a position to arrest John McGhee at that stage so she made contact with her colleague Sergeant Nolan to have the public order van further down the town, with one or two other members of An Garda Síochána present.

Garda Grehan described to the Court how she drove a short distance from the back of the parade in an attempt to keep Mr. McGhee away from it. "At Church Street, I observed the public order van and I stopped the diversity car and got out and approached John McGhee. I informed him that I was arresting him for an offence under Section 6, 7 and 8 of the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act 1994 but John McGhee stated that he wasn't going anywhere and he refused to get into the public order van".

She said Mr. McGhee refused to give her his name and address when she requested it under the Public Order Act. She said she placed her handcuffs on Mr. McGhee and Garda Flynn and Garda McNamara who were in the public order van conveyed Mr. McGhee to Portlaoise Garda Station where he was held for six hours before being released. An Garda Síochána took possession of Mr. McGhee's placard and also seized his phone.

(Garda Diversity Car- Funded by the Irish Taxpayer)

In Mr. McGhee's supplemental affidavit in response to having been served the book of evidence at Portlaoise court in February of 2024, Mr. McGhee informed the Court that Garda Grehan's statement appeared to be "punctuated with inconsistencies" and that she had lied under oath. He stated that what Garda Grehan refers to as "the Garda diversity car" he would be referring to as the "degeneracy promotion car".

He pointed out inconsistencies, and one in particular being "as the parade departed its assembly point at Fitzmaurice Place, Garda Grehan, having told me that I couldn't join the parade itself, suggested that it was permissible for to keep behind the degeneracy promotion car, which she drove, thus separating me from the main body of the parade". He said he accepted her offer to do this and walked behind the vehicle for the route of the parade.

Mr. McGhee submitted to the Court that "Garda Grehan got out of the degeneracy promotion car approximately halfway through the route, putting a considerable distance between her vehicle and the parade she was flanking, to approach me on the street where I stood behind the degeneracy promotion car. She physically placed her hand on my arm and put her face right up to mine as if to incite some type of trouble. Garda Grehan eventually got back into the vehicle and caught up with the parade, and I, in turn, caught up with the vehicle.

Mr. McGhee stated "When the degeneracy promotion car came to another stop in the vicinity of the Sinn Féin office and the cinema, I once again stopped walking, observing Garda Grehan's previous instructions to remain behind the said vehicle and not join the body of the parade. At this juncture I was approached by Garda Flynn and Garda McNamara who divested me of my placard, told me I was being arrested, and attempted to bring me to the ground.

Having managed to evade being placed on the ground and pressed face forward against the degeneracy promotion car instead, Garda Grehan instructed her colleagues to cuff me, which they did contradicting her statement of her having put her cuffs on me.

Mr. Mc Ghee went on to testify, "At this point Garda Grehan suffered another lapse in professionalism by telling her colleagues, verbatim, "put the cuffs on him he might enjoy it", likely saying such a thing to be in keeping with the general degenerative theme of the parade".

Mr. McGhee told the Court that as the other two Guards were cuffing him, Garda Grehan was busy aggressively wrestling a phone from the hands of a visibly heavily pregnant African woman who was filming his arrest on her device. Mr. McGhee said "many shouts from onlookers to Garda Grehan to say that the woman she was manhandling was pregnant, went ignored". He claimed "as this struggle between Garda Grehan and the woman-with-child ensued, I was led to the Garda van and brought away. No doubt all the above was caught on street cameras, however, Garda Grehan likely did what she could to execute damage-control in her immediate vicinity, as no footage of my arrest emerged despite the many people with devices recording along the entire parade route".

The Court heard a statement from another witnesses who appeared to be highly put out by the actions of Mr. McGhee on the day in question. Maria Tyrell told the Court that Mr. McGhee told her that she should be "ashamed of herself" for bringing children to the parade. In her statement she said "personally I didn't feel intimidated by him as we were out in a public place but that he was capable of giving me a shove and I was getting my bearings of where I was in case he did hit me or shove me".

Christina Fitzharris, pictured above, the coordinator of the Midlands LGBT+ (an NGO funded by the Irish taxpayer), who's based in Dublin but was involved in the organising of the Portlaoise Pride Parade also gave a statement on the events. She said she witnessed Mr. McGhee videoing on the day and "riling people up". She said "he was acting quiet aggressive and said to her "get back into the kitchen and cook the dinner like a good woman". He also called me a "dyke" and other people "groomers" she said. Christina Fitzharris said "there was a lot of young people in attendance and I was concerned for their safety especially for their mental welfare".

Mr. McGhee who can be seen in the above picture, pleaded not guilty to all charges made against him. He told the Court that he absolutely denied being "aggressive and intimidating" towards anyone during his attendance at the parade. Mr. McGhee told Judge Nicola Andrews "How could I be aggressive, I was one man, both my hands were occupied with a phone and a placard, and I was surrounded by 300 sexual deviant freaks", at which point she threatened him with contempt of Court.

Mr. McGhee declared to the Court that he "had the right to freely express his opinions and convictions, the right to freedom of assembly, and the right to the freedom of expression of the tenets of his religion as stated in Bunreacht na  hÉireann".

He said that it is his religious duty to oppose the immorality of the promotion of sodomy and the corruption of children by the "LGBTQIA/pride" movement which is a violation of the moral law.

Mr. McGhee argued that when people are in public they cannot hold an expectation of privacy and therefore, if someone records you in a public vicinity, it is not deemed an illegal offence. He said lots of people were videoing on the day but there only appeared to be an issue with him doing so, because he didn't vocally support the parade, but instead was protesting it.

In a written affidavit Mr. McGhee informed the Court that "the LGBTQIA+/pride organisation is a trojan horse for the recruitment, grooming and sexualisation of young children and a vehicle, now via the education system, to undermine parental agency over children with the aim of lowering the age of consent, hence the ever- expanding acronym with the addition of the "+" to represent the other upcoming various inclinations such as minor- attracted persons (MAPS). He said, "As much as LGBT hide under the banner of the rainbow flag, they are in fact celebrating sodomy and are craving an audience of children whilst doing so".

(Portlaoise Pride Parade, 2023)

Mr. McGhee submitted to the Court that "The Pride movement is utterly repugnant to and at various with my religious beliefs as a Catholic, as sodomy is a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance, and the corruption of a child is abominable". He brought to the attention of the Court, Luke chapter 17 verse 2 of the Douay- Rheims Bible which teaches us "It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalise one of these little ones".

Mr. McGhee told the Court "the organisers of the Laois pride event, and its associates are in violation of the Children First Act 2015 in which it states clearly that exposing a child to inappropriate material, is tantamount to sexual abuse".

He said "the insidious nature of the LGBT movement is now ubiquitous, and the depraved lifestyle is celebrated and promoted by the corporate and government bodies, by Irish libraries, in children's books, in the healthcare system (without irony), and by many of Irelands political parties including Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Sinn Féin, Social Democrats, Labour and the Green Party, thus politicising the LGBT movement".

Mr. McGhee went on to make the Court aware that "The movement has assumed a fascistic authoritarian structure where they are inextricably linked to government, media, and corporations alike, where their flags and propaganda are displayed and disseminated ad nauseam, so that the larger body of society are forced into acceptance and submission and where voices of dissent are not tolerated" and that "An Garda Síochána are now engaged in political policing and are no- longer a politically- neutral organisation, as can be observed by way of Garda vehicles emblazoned with the colours and motifs used to celebrate homosexual intercourse".

Mr. McGhee expressed his opinion to the Court that "The arresting officer, Garda Grehan, showed her support for the child-grooming event on that day by posing for a photograph with a man dressed in immodest women's attire. Men of this ilk derive sexual arousal by dressing in women's clothing: a condition known as Autogynephilla".

(Laois Pride Parade, 2023) 

Mr. McGhee expressed his concerns regarding the day in questions by telling the Court "Many children were brought to participate in this event by irresponsible parents; the aforementioned men were in the company of those children, whilst in a state of sexual arousal, for several hours on the day of the parade. It is a case of willful ignorance to not see something unwholesome in this; such appearances of autogynephilic men are unheard of in, for example, performing in nursing homes. Demonstrating that its an audience of children whose company they crave".

(James MacInerney, "Grand Marshall", Laois Pride Parade, 2023)

Mr. McGhee closed his statement by stating "As a father of two, it is my opinion that LGBT is an evil and satanic organisation which seeks to invert reality and pervert all that is Godly, wholesome and natural, by promoting depravity, debauchery and immorality as a virtue- to normalise degeneracy. They want to overthrow commonsense to embrace sodomy and transgenderism instead. It is an attack on the family, which in turn is an attack on society, as a cohesive society is modelled upon the family unit; of the family is destroyed then, in turn, society will fall asunder. Children should be allowed to live out their childhood without being exposed to such abominable notions. The promotion of this movement has resulted in confusing children into thinking that young boys can become girls and vice versa, giving rise to an increase of such children being given puberty-blockers until such time as they can receive irreversible surgery to sever healthy body parts. This is one of many facets which reflect the decay and collapse of the fabric of Irish society".

(Transvestite performing in front of children at Laois Pride festival, 2022)

Mr. McGhee informed Irish-Nuntii that before the Court sitting closed on the 28th of May just gone, he told the Judge that he was willing to make a donation to a charity that takes care of sexually abused children but the Judge denied his offer and stated that “the Court imposed fine must be paid”.

Mr. McGhee told Irish-Nuntii that on principle he cannot pay the fine as he doesn't believe he has done anything wrong and has nothing to apologise for. He said he is not willing to accept that using "hurty words" or "interfering with the parade" was a crime. He said he understands that his sentencing will be activated and he may be faced with imprisonment for ninety days, if he does not pay the €500 fine to the Courts within six months.

Mr. McGhee told Irish-Nuntti that Judge Andrews also ordered he be “bound to the peace” for the next two years but that he's unsure how that will go considering the behavior of An Garda Síochána throughout the country, in recent times.

Mr. McGhee stated that “their definition of peace could differ from our definition of peace” and bearing this in mind, even if he was to pay the €500 fine there would be no guarantee that he wouldn't be arrested for exercising his right to peacefully assemble at another demonstration over the next two years.

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It is correct and right to stop this man. Showing a swaztika on his poster is dusgusting. But I missed Garda intervention at anti-Israel demonstrations showing swaztikas on Stars of David, shouting anti Jewish slogans. No Gards seen.... No judges present...


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it was illegal for over a thousand years then the uk brits criminalised english weed and legallised that and british uk political ideologists nuclear power plants like windscale

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