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Dublin Pro-life Rally, like an incongruent joyful funeral

On the 6th of May, thousands of prolife people took to the streets to march for an end to the murder of unborn children. Some estimates suggest that there have now been over 40,000 children murdered in Ireland since the "legalisation" of abortion in 2018. A few doctors have privately stated that they are aware that more than a few abortions are not being recorded, so the figure could be much higher than that. With local and European elections coming in June, speakers at the rally spoke about the need for everyone to vote prolife in order to fight back against the horrific crime of abortion. EilIs Mulroy, of the Pro Life Campaign, said the campaign will be publishing a “comprehensive voter guide” in the coming weeks, which will “serve as an invaluable guide to pro-life voters when deciding how to cast their vote in the upcoming elections”.

The rally started at Newman University Church and marched around St Stephens Green, down Dame street and then finished at the top of Molesworth Street in front of the gates of Dail Eireann where speakers took to the stage to speak about the genocide of our times.

How apt it was that the crowd were stood in front of the Freemason Grand Lodge of Ireland. Yet it seemed amiss to the speakers that they are still playing by the rule of those Freemasons who played a leading role in bringing abortion into Ireland. The Freemasons were condemned by more than ten Popes of God's One True Catholic and Apostolic Church but yet most people dismiss any talk of their actions as conspiracy theory (1). Prior to the referendum on repealing the 8th Amendment, The Yes to murder revolutionaries held an event in the Grand Lodge on Molesworth street in which various leading Yes campaigners attended to discuss their vision for the future of Ireland (2). Among those who attended were Colm O' Gorman (CEO of Amnesty Ireland), Dr. Micheline Sheehy-Skeffington and Dr. Mary Mc Auliffe.

freemason abortion event Dublin prolife rally
Dublin abortion supporters

Central to their vision is a society without God. We can only imagine how gleeful they were at their success in luring the No campaign into fighting the referendum on their terms. For centuries the Freemasons have made it their goal to chip away at the Catholic faith across the world and to lead the world into naturalism. They have largely succeeded. It is a fact that many of the leading prolife campaigners in Ireland are Catholic, but yet the No campaign was fought on an entirely secular message. Therein they fought on the enemies terms. Catholics were told that we must put religion to the side in order to win because it is a human rights issue, not a religious issue. One can picture the Freemasons popping champagne at that very point.

As they looked out their window on the 6th of May at the prolife rally, we can imagine that they once again smiled in contentment. The prolife groups are great and commendable for their dedication and tireless hard work for the cause of saving the unborn but they are fighting a losing battle when they continue to fight on the enemies terms. At the Rally there were blue, pink and white balloons, there were chants of pro life and there was an ice cream van to help set a joyful atmosphere. There were no prayers, there was no minutes silence, there was no sombre atmosphere and there was little to no talk of God. Hence the Freemasons would have been smiling.

It is understandable that the prolife groups want to appeal to the masses and they want to appear hip and cool but the whole thing ends up looking like an incongruent joyful funeral. If you have ever been to a funeral where the priest is trying to crack jokes, as I'm sure many of you have, you come away sensing that there is a certain level of denial in the darkness of the event. Given that there are at least 40,000 children murdered, not counting those who die by other abortifacients such as the pill or IVF, is it not time to mourn? Is it not time for black balloons? Is it not time for sombre music? Is it not time to call on God? Will pretending to be joyful amidst the evil really wake anyone up to the reality of the darkness we are in?

In 1847 Jesus told Sister Mary of St Peter that as a chastisement for the sins of mankind, “He would use not the elements, ‘but the malice of revolutionary men.’” And “revolutionary men” is simply another name for Freemasonry, Communism, or those whom Father Denis Fahey called "The Forces of Organized Naturalism” (3). Seventy years later, in 1917, Our Lady warned that if her requests were not heeded, “Russia would spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church.” These “errors of Russia” are not simply Communism, but also the atheistic errors of secular humanism, socialism and religious indifference that are contained within Communism. Thus, both Fatima and the messages to Sister Saint-Pierre threaten as chastisement the scourge of “revolutionary men.” Meaning if we reject God, then He will allow us to have what we want and evil will increase.

In both the revelations of The Holy Face in 1847 and at Fatima in 1917, God has asked for special reparation for sins against the first Commandment. Atheism and denial of God are violations of the First Commandment. If we continue to leave God out of the abortion argument, are we are part of the abortion problem?

The prolife groups might not agree with the idea of a sombre rally, but it seems God thinks otherwise when you consider the message He gave to Sister Agnes of Akita on the 6th of October 2019 (4). The message given said - “Cover in ashes, and please pray the Penitential Rosary every day.”

The message was given on the same weekend that the Pachamama scandal broke, in which a statue of Pachamama was put on display in the Vatican. Why is that relevant? Because it is reasonable to conclude that Pachamama is the demon of abortion. A study of the word Pachamama and the history of the word shows that worship of Pachamama can be traced back to the Chimú tribe who are responsible for what is one of the largest child sacrifices discovered by archaeologists in recent times (5). In just one of their sacrifices the Chimú tribe sacrificed 269 children and 466 llamas to Pachamama (6). A number of archaeologists claim that the sacrifice was done to appease "mother earth" in an attempt to stop bad weather. Remember that one of the ways that the freemasons won people over to acceptance of abortion was through telling them the lie that the world was over populated. We are told that we must curtail the population in order to stop "Climate Change". One of the main lobby groups pushing for "Climate Change" action is called the Pachamama Alliance (7). The anti-Christian United Nations has placed abortion rights as one of their central means for combatting over population which they foolishly believe is the cause of "Climate Change".

With all that in mind, Catholics should strive to make the entire abortion argument about God. Instead of fearing the loss of non Catholics at their rallies, they should confidently hope for and expect to see many conversions which will have far more success in leading Ireland back to being a prolife country free from the scourge of abortion.

There are many Catholics around the country who are doing just that as can be seen in the growing numbers attending the men and women public rosary rallies which are held on the first Saturday of every month.

If we fight on God's terms, we will win. Jesus Christ assured us, “their designs

shall be foiled!" (3)

pro-life rally Dublin

What abortion will bring to Ireland - A Blood Curse Upon the Nation (



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