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Belfast Rally for life - With population of over 600,000, Only a little over 600 showed up

Belfast has a population of 643,000 people, but only a little over 600 people attended one of the most important rallies in years, a few months before buffer zones are due to be enforced. It was a rally against the worst ongoing human rights abuse in history. It was a rally against the murder of Irish children, and the murder of countless children around the world. Not even 1% of Belfast showed up. The reflection on Belfast gets even worse when many of those in attendance declared that they travelled from around Ireland and there were even a few from England. There were people who travelled from Newry, Laois, Donegal, Dublin, Meath and Louth among other places. And yet it amounted to not even 1% of Belfast.

In the Republic of Ireland, in its first year of "legalised" murder of unborn children, more children were viciously killed in one year than the amount of people killed in 30 years of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. The figures for children murdered via abortion in the north are equally as stark.

In reference to the troubles, Bernie Smyth said - “In this 25th anniversary year of the Good Friday Peace Agreement, our politicians must be reminded there can never be true peace in Northern Ireland unless there is peace in the womb,’’

This year politicians across Ireland will commemorate the 25th anniversary of a peace agreement on the island of Ireland. How can those politicians and their followers on the one hand celebrate peace while on the other hand condone an even worse violence, the murder of unborn children? We hope they will repent of their hypocrisy someday soon. Those politicians and their followers have blood on their hands.

Jeremiah 22 : 17 But thy eyes and thy heart are set upon covetousness, and upon shedding innocent blood, and upon oppression, and running after evil works.

If one was to follow the percentages of the referendum in the South of Ireland, it would be reasonable to assume that Belfast's population would be at least 30 - 40% prolife. Given that many travelled from around Ireland it would not have been unreasonable to expect a crowd of at least 20,000 - 30,000 to attend such an important event. So where were all of the prolife people? Have they given up the fight?

If people rely on human effort and strength to defeat the evil of abortion, then we will lose the fight and lose the will to fight. The solution to regain the will to fight and to regain confidence in victory over such an enormous evil is to turn back to God.

In 2018 some prolife groups in the south of Ireland created a certain amount of discord among their activists when they decided to run a campaign without God. There were even Catholics who claimed that abortion was not a religious issue. It is time they accept that it has everything to do with God, and turning to God is the only way to win.

The good news is that many of those who did attend the Belfast Rally for Life are already aware of the need to include God as could be seen in their display of more than a few religious banners. Most of the speakers also mentioned God, and the organisers have in the past stressed the importance of God in this battle. As Bernie Smyth previously said a number of years ago - “I believe, if you leave God out of the battle, as Scripture says ‘If you deny Me before man, I will deny you before My Father.’ And sadly, that’s where Ireland went wrong; we didn’t make this a spiritual battle, we made it a human rights battle. And we can never win without God on the front of everything we do.”

Maybe now when things appear to be at their worst, prolife people will begin to realise that they can not win without God. The sooner they turn back to Him, the sooner abortion will end. Everyone should set about doing everything they can to convert Ireland back to Jesus Christ and His One True Church.

Article by - Brother Alphonsus


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