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6 years after the church of Satan praised Ireland on their abortion referendum, Ireland chooses a satanic witch as its Eurovision representative

In May 2018 66.4% of Irish people voted yes to "legalise" the murder of unborn children. Within a few days of the result, the church of Satan in America issued a statement congratulating the Irish people on their decision. At the time, some of the yes voters were still a little bit uncomfortable with their new acquaintances or maybe even a little bit embarrassed that their mask of false virtue was slipping away. That uncertainty has now progressed to open celebration of their relationship with Satan. Much like the referendum campaign itself, as time went on, some of the yes campaigners slowly moved from pretending to be caring people by saying a fetus is not a child to openly snarling at pro-lifers in the street with statements like "so what if it is a child, I will kill it if I want". Those few who could sense victory were comfortable siding with and displaying their evil hearts. The rest continued to keep up the charade of being pro-choice "good people", for a while at least. Lately it seems they no longer care about the charade of being on the side of good. They are increasingly openly satanic as can be seen in their support for an openly satanic Eurovision act. They say it is only music, but the lyrics and even the visuals of the performance itself show it is a satanic act. Many buy the lie of "pro-choice good people" but who will buy the lie of "pro Satan good people"? An oxymoron if ever there was one!

Pray that they turn their hearts back to God.

Given that both the Taoiseach and Tánaiste of Ireland both congratulated the satanic act it is worth remembering in the upcoming elections that St Patrick warned us that Holy Scripture tells us, it is not only the evildoers who will be damned but also those who support them. We have all fallen short and we all need to repent while there is still time.

In the same way I advise people not to research the statement from the church of Satan, I advise people not to research the lyrics of the song. It suffices to say the lyrics are a curse in and of itself. The lyrics literally openly state that it is putting a curse on people. Now that the mask is well and truly off, maybe it will lead people to reconsider the music they listen to. For Satan did not lead people to this point without deception. He has deceived people for years with all manner of worldly music. Even at this late stage there are many Catholics who still listen to worldly music. Shane Lynch from Boyzone recently gave an interview in which he said - "If you look at what the industry is today: your Sam Smiths to your Dojo Cats to your Beyoncés, they are so demonic it’s unbelievable. And it’s in front of us. We kind of go: “Oh, it’s just music.” But it really isn’t. It’s absolutely taking over the world, taking over our children and taking over everything."............."That’s what they’re doing, they’re glorifying Satan."

It is time people got serious about God and stopped listening to worldly music. Pray for the conversion of Bambie Thug and for Catholics across Ireland to turn away from worldly music which is leading them astray.

“Now our children love satanic songs and dances, imitating cooks, bakers, dancers; no one knows a psalm, - now such knowledge seems indecent, humiliating and ridiculous. everything is evil; on what soil a plant stands, such it bears fruit ... " Saint John Chrysostom

Leviticus 20:6 The soul that shall go aside after magicians, and soothsayers, and shall commit fornication with them, I will set my face against that soul, and destroy it out of the midst of its people. (Douay-Rheims Bible)


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