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Westmeath Nationalist Alliance

A group of determined and defiant nationalist candidates have been established in Co. Westmeath ahead of the local elections which are due to be held on June the 7th. If elected, they will commit to working together for the good of the local Westmeath people under four core principles which include housing, immigration concerns, safety and security in our communities and supporting motions that promote nationalist goals. While the Westmeath Alliance candidates offer a more conservative option for voters, sadly some are not prolife which means they will likely lose votes to the prolife liberal candidates that Aontú will be running.

Patrick Hussey, Mullingar LEA, (Independent), Pro Life.

Patrick is a recruitment consultant and qualified second level teacher from Mullingar. He also has a background in agriculture and horticulture. Patrick's goal is to be an independent voice for the people of Mullingar and he believes in a community led approach to politics where ordinary, local peoples voices are listened to. Patrick has a sensible view on immigration and was one of the main organisers of the Mullingar Says No group that peacefully protested the Columb Barracks being used to house migrants in 2023. Patrick's main concerns and standpoints include the following:

  • In favour of sustainable legal immigration and if elected, plans to strongly oppose the use of Columb Barracks as migrant accommodation.

  • The Barracks should be given back to the people of Mullingar and all groups including the CBRRC should be resumed so that the whole site can be used as an asset to the local community.

  • Propose that Westmeath County Council not work with IPAS anymore on immigration, until all undocumented migrants are deported.

  • No special treatment for Ukrainian's, they should be treated the same as IPAS candidates. Neither of them should be permanently housed before the local Irish, the homeless or anyone on housing list for years.

  • Irish people should be prioritized on all housing issues and funding should be increased for homelessness in Westmeath.

  • The roundabout should be put back at McDonalds junction in the town centre and proper sequencing of traffic lights in the town is crucial. Mount Street should be returned to a two way street.

  • Increased funding for residents associations. security advice and measures for homes and the community, emphasis on crime prevention and detection.

  • Support for farmers and growers and sensible environmental policies that benefit everyone. 

Margaret Maguire, Mullingar LEA, (Ireland First), Pro Life.

Margaret is a Mullingar native and mother, as well as Vice President of Ireland First. Margaret has always had a keen interest in politics but in recent times has become more active due to witnessing the deep disconnect between the government and the people they are supposed to represent. Margaret's number one priority is to return all decisions made at the local and national level to the benefit of the Irish people. If elected, Margaret will address the following issues:

  • Return Columb Barracks to use for the local community.

  • Prioritise local people for local housing.

  • Work to repeal statutory Instrument 605, signed into use by Longford/ Westmeath TD Peter Burke. (This statutory instrument is what is allowing most buildings to be converted to house asylum seekers).

  • Provide a direct access hub for homeless and vulnerable people in Mullingar.

  • Increase access to mental health services.

  • Improve the traffic flow to ease the constant congestion between Oliver Plunkett Street and Austin Friar Street.

  • Work alongside new and existing resident associations to improve safety in the community.

  • Opt-out of cooperation with the government with regard to further IPAS centres in Westmeath.

  • Facilitate more council led community events. E.g. day centres and youth projects.

Shane Lynam, Athlone LEA, (Irish Freedom Party), Pro Life.

Shane is the Vice Chair of the Irish Freedom Party. He Joined in 2022 after witnessing party members being verbally abused and harassed at a free speech event in Limerick and felt he could no longer stand aside and let tyrants and bullies ruin our country.

Some issues Shane would like to see addressed at local level include:

  • Recindal of Statutory Instrument 306 of 2022 which gives emergency powers to the Government and overrules the authority of Council Management and Members in relation to Planning and Development.

  • Local concerns around mass immigration and impact on local services

  • Additional Garda resources to combat the growing crime rates in the area.

  • Additional resources for drug addiction and mental health.

  • Additional recreation facilities and spaces in the town of Moate and in the towns and Villages in the Moate LEA.

Cáit Ní Dhonnchadha, Moate LEA, (Irish Freedom Party), Pro Life.

Cáit who has worked in Science at 3rd level and holds two Masters Degrees joined the IFP in 2022. Cáit joined the IFP as she was deeply affected by the shocking instances of violence against women in our country and attempts by the media to play down any links between migration and crime. She feels strongly about the neglect our government shows towards the elderly and people with additional needs, given the resources that have been made available in recent years for temporary and emergency asylum seekers. Some issues Cáit would like to see addressed at local level include:

  • Highlighting the need for more supports for nursing and care homes.

  • Review of traffic system in Athlone and additional flood defenses.

  • Supports for drug addiction and mental health services.

  • Supports for homeless charities.

  • Local concerns around mass immigration and impact on local services. 

  • Additional Garda Resources to combat the growing crime rates in the area. 

Noeleen Fanning, Kinnegad LEA, (Independent), Pro-choice

Noeleen was born and raised in Coole, Co. Westmeath and comes from a farming family with a long history in in the area spanning over four generations. In recent years Noeleen has realised that the way the country is being run is not working for the majority of Irish people and so she has decided to run in the local elections to give people an alternative option to the out-of-touch political parties currently in place. If elected, Noeleen will address the following issues:

  • Prioritise the needs of native Irish people for housing, education, medical treatment, and other services. decreasing restrictive red tape around local planning permissions.

  • Bring decision making back to a local level, what works in cities doesn't always work in the countryside.

  • Full transparency of council meetings, budgets, and policy making.

  • Removal on extensive restrictions and obligations on farmers.

  • Restoring peat turf as a fuel rather than importing from abroad.

  • Mental health, tackle loneliness in the youth and elderly at a local level.

  • Support and encouragements for Irish returning from abroad and incentives for our young to stay in Ireland.

  • Support local small businesses to thrive.

  • More access to recycling and waste management facilities for bulk waste items from households to prevent illegal dumping.

Sarah Herraty, Kinnegad LEA, (Ireland First), Pro Life.

Sarah is a chartered accountant by profession and she unapologetically states that the root cause of Irelands downward spiral is rooted in dangerous, uncontrolled immigration. Sarah believes that the negligent, reckless immigration policies (or non policies) impacts on all of the already stretched infrastructure and facets of our lives: housing, education, health, culture etc.

  • Prioritise local housing for local people.

  • Full audit of county council owned property in the Kinnegad LEA: prioritise vacant properties for local housing, temporary housing for homeless people, hubs for homeless and addiction charities . Decrease restrictive red tape around local planning permissions.

  • Additional Garda resources to combat the growing crime in the area. additional street lights, community alert groups; work alongside new and existing residents' associations to improve safety within the community.

  • Full public disclosure of all public council meetings- same day video updates.

  • Work to repeal instrument 605, signed into use by Peter Burke.

  • Opt-out of cooperation with the government to house further IPAS centres in Westmeath.

  • Foster increased local spirit and community engagement by encouraging the foundation of a volunteer group focused on making sure our elderly never feel isolated or lonely e.g. events organising for day and night activities.


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