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Rally for Life - 11th Mar - Belfast

Precious life have announced a Rally for Life in Belfast city on the 11th of March. This Rally for Life is the first major rally for the pro life campaign since 2019, when Westminster and their Sinn Fein collaborators "legalised" abortion in Northern Ireland against the will of the people. Since that day, Sinn Fein has been rapidly losing credibility amongst its traditional support base. A number of those who no longer support them admittedly still vote for Sinn Fein as they say there is no suitable alternative at present. However, they say as soon as there is an alternative, they will abandon Sinn Fein for a "true republican, and pro life party".

Other people who previously supported Sinn Fein due to historical republican ideals, which Sinn Fein also appear to be abandoning, see the pro life issue as the most important of all issues and are therefore willing to abandon trivial politics and vote for unionists instead in a bid to strengthen the cause for the protection of the human rights of unborn children. The malicious decision of Sinn Fein and their masters in Westminster to betray the will of the people appears that it may well turn out to be a unifying force between protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. Two groups who were previously, and still can be, so divided along the lines of national identity now have a common goal that they unite behind, to protect each other's children from the barbaric intentions of Sinn Fein.

In a statement from Precious life, they also said - "2023 will also see the introduction of draconian “Abortion Buffer Zones” that will criminalise women and men who offer help and support to vulnerable women outside abortion centres. Even just praying silently outside the centres will be illegal. For the first time in Northern Ireland, praying will now be a criminal offence with fines up to £2500."

The statement continues - "At this critical time, thousands of voiceless and defenceless future unborn babies in Northern Ireland urgently need you to be their voice. If we don’t speak up for them - then who will? Please be a voice for the voiceless and “march for their lives” at the Belfast Rally for Life on Saturday 11th March 2023 gathering in Custom House Square at 2pm."

More information can be found on Precious life website at -


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