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Our Freedom of Speech, Comes from God- Not the Government

Our Freedom of Speech, like all freedoms Comes from God- Not the Government.

Choose Christ- Not Communism.

Only a few short years after blasphemy was removed from the Irish Constitution because it was deemed to violate the human right to freedom of expression, the apparent restrictions to freedom of expression, is being reintroduced in a much wider, grossly godless, and totally totalitarian form. Back in 2018, the then and current Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar claimed that the blasphemy law was ‘medieval’ and cheered on the removal of it as being a ‘quiet revolution’ for Ireland. The law was in place at the time to “prevent outrage being caused to a substantial number of people from ANY religion” but isn’t it ironic that when the referendum was being marketed by the uprising of atheists, most of the reasons being peddled by politicians and their allies such as the Irish Council for Civil liberties, through the mainstream media, were made with negative references to the traditional Catholic way of life.

(ICCL, 2018).

Headlines leading up to the referendum described Ireland as being very conservative, medieval’, overly traditional, old fashioned and overly dominated by the Catholic Church. Many Catholics and other Christians would agree that blasphemy against God is a spiritual matter, not a legal one and therefore whether it’s in the law or not, especially when living in a secular state, it really doesn’t matter too much because false witnesses will be punished by God either way. It still begs the question, why was Varadkar so enthusiastic to get rid of this law and why did he describe it as a ‘small revolution’ when he got his desired result from the referendum? Realistically, it wasn’t going to do anything to encourage freedom of speech, as nobody had even been prosecuted for blasphemy in Ireland for over 150 years- so what was the big deal?

Well, as I, a person who was conditioned to turn away from the teachings of Christ for quite some time myself, reflect, on the events leading up to and following this referendum, it becomes clear that the removal of this law was nothing to do with freedom of expression. Truth be told, it was just another attack on not just the Catholic Church, but also the overall Christian Faith of the Irish people. It also permitted a commencement to sexual depravity in public as the removal from the constitution was of the clause which stated ““blasphemous, seditious, or indecent matter is an offence which shall be punishable in accordance with law”. This is further confirmed by the comments of then Minister for Children Katherine Zappone, who indicated LGBT would be at the forefront of the next great social change in Ireland.

The State funded propaganda machine, RTE, took full advantage of the removal of the blasphemy law in 2018, and on New Year's eve 2020, they dared to air a satricial piece, which depicted God as a rapist. They broadcasted to the Catholic people of Ireland, a mock news report which ‘joked’ about God being the latest prominent figure implicated in a sexual harassment scandal. “The 5 billion year-old stood accused of forcing himself on a young Middle Eastern migrant and allegedly impregnating her against her will, before being sentenced to two years in prison, with the last 24 months suspended,” said the newsreader. To broadcast such a deeply offensive and blasphemous clip about God and Our Blessed Mother Mary during the Christmas season was absolutely scandalous and highly insulting to all Catholics and Christians. Oh, but the removal of the blasphemy laws was all about freedom, wasn’t it? Nothing to do with an evil agenda?

Attacks on the Faith, such as this, are clear examples of how the politicians who have been ruling over our land during the latter half of our short one hundred years of independence are noticeably lesser men than those who came before them. They could never commit to what true Gaels achieved before them or aspire to what generations before them aspired to. They accept mediocrity and degeneracy; it’s not enough for them to merely tolerate foreign philosophies and dangerous ideologies which are contrary to our Christian Faith, our culture and the needs of our race, they make it their business to push and promote them too.

The Irish psyche has been well and truly under spiritual attack for a long time now. The removal of the blasphemy law was just another propaganda campaign to encourage people to cease the worship due to Almighty God and instead bend the knee to Communism. It came just 5 months after the once holy nation of Saints & Scholars, were brainwashed into going against the fifth commandment and accepting murder as a common practice. This atrocity, which Varadkar described as another “quiet revolution” for Ireland, was easily disguised by the barbarians leading the campaign as a healthcare procedure, giving women more “freedom to choose” and since then, in less than 5 years, approximately 30,000 unborn babies have been murdered in their mothers’ wombs in Ireland. By removing the right to life, the path was well and truly paved for the globalists dream- a morally bankrupt, communist Ireland. In Jeremiah 1:5 God says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you came to birth, I consecrated you, I appointed you as prophet to the nations”. This is just one verse from Scripture that the communists hate because it clearly brings our attention to the sovereignty and control of God. The murder of the unborn, is gravely contrary to moral law. Formal cooperation or promotion of it, is a grave offence to God and our leaders, who appear to be led by the father of lies, know this. Encouraging Irish people to murder the most vulnerable, to kill the unborn was another sinister attempt to insult, dethrone and kill God.

The inalienable right to life of every innocent human being is a constitutive element of a civil society and belongs to human nature. As soon as the 8th amendment was repealed, they stripped the Irish Constitution of the right to life. The positive law that was then created which made it legal to murder unborn babies, allowed the state to deprive one category of human beings’ protection, and therefore denied the equality of all before the law. When the State does not place its authority at the service of the rights of its citizens, and in particular of the most vulnerable, the very foundations of the State are undermined and, because the Irish government got away with this- they think they can get away with anything. Indeed, this seems to be affirmed by the gross restrictions placed on individuals through lockdowns, during what is known as the “covid pandemic”.

Hate speech laws are just another piece of the evil plot for Ireland. Our government and those who control them, really think nothing of restricting our right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression- this is obvious since they didn’t even consider putting it to the people by means of a referendum and the poll which was conducted was ignored when it failed to return support for same. This overreach demonstrates all the tell-tale signs of a communist dictatorship where we really don’t have any say, or at least the drivers of the regime don’t believe we’re entitled to one. These hate speech laws are just about ensuring that the ones in God's army, who haven’t lost their freedoms or voices, will be shut down or imprisoned for going against the narrative of the state. Honestly, they would make Kim Jong Un blush. They have made it their business to use Bunreacht na hÉireann as a weapon against us. Any chance they get they’re adding to it, manipulating it, and obliterating it. The thing is, these communists in the making, seem to think they can get away with enforcing whatever insanity they like, as long as they deem it to be for ‘the common good’. This abuse of the ‘common good’ clause is a sure sign we’re heading for full blown communism. Senator Pauline O'Reilly clarified this in the Seanad last week when attempting to justify the hate speech laws. O’Reilly came very close to quoting Hitler and even went so far as to say, “I believe that it is our job, as legislators, to restrict those freedoms, for the common good,”. When this was put to Varadkar by Ben Scanlon’s Gript media the following week, he denied hearing the comments even though there was both national and international outrage and attention regarding them. I suppose Varadkar considers this draconian Bill to be just another “quiet revolution’ for Ireland.

Leo Varadkar celebrates the legalising of murdering the unborn by describing it as another “quiet revolution for Ireland” and telling the crowd “Don’t thank me all at once”. 28th of May 2018, Dublin Castle.

I genuinely believe we haven’t had leaders in Ireland with a true love for God, freedom, and our land, since the last of the men of 1916 drew their final breaths. Padraig Pearse knew the importance of staying strong in our Faith and he was never shy when it came to announcing it. All throughout his writing we can see that he put God first because he knew it was God who graced him with his right to freedom and Him whom he was answerable to. Pearse knew that we would not see truly tranquil times in Ireland unless we embraced the Law and Will of God. I’d say he is spinning in his grave due to the state our country is in now. In one of his most inspiring pieces, written in 1915 he tried to warn and advise us on the dangers of turning away from Christ:

“Ireland will not find Christ’s peace until she has taken Christ’s sword. What peace she has known in these latter days had been the devil’s peace, peace with sin, peace with dishonour. It is a foul thing, dear only to men of foul breeds. Christ's peace is lovely in its coming, beautiful are its feet on the mountains. But it’s heralded by terrific messengers; seraphim and cherubim blow trumpets of war before it. We must not flinch when we are passing”.

The regime tries to portray themselves as peacekeepers obsessed with “quelling hatred” but the dogs on the streets know this is not true. They direct hate at the Irish people every day of the week, deeming anyone who dares to speak out a “racist”, “far-right” or a “bigot”. As Christians we are taught not to hate the sinner, but to hate the sin and you can bet your bottom dollar on it that the antichrists behind this legislation know this. The Scriptures teach us there is a justifiable kind of hate, and that is an allowance to hate what is evil (Psalm:9710 & Romans 12:9). Hate is appropriate when we direct it toward that which is in direct opposition to God, and that is exactly what our leaders are. They are the enemies and opposition of God and all which is good. They might come across as incompetent fools but what they really are is weak, dangerous fools, led by a spirit who was once the greatest of Gods angels. These tyrants and their handlers understand the masses are waking up and that with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and Gods grace, we can and will, learn to naturally detect sin within us and around us.

For me, this is the driving force behind this disgusting, draconian legislation. They care not about the protected groups of men and women whom they deem vulnerable and in need of special treatment. They care only about the uprising that will occur when the Irish people turn back to God and once again learn to recognise evil and call it out for what it is. They know the Irish are close to uniting against the wickedness that runs deep in Dáil Éireann. They are like psychopaths at the end of a killing spree, they no longer feel the need to covertly betray Ireland, they have become brazen enough to flaunt their treachery as though they are untouchable. But truly, their days are numbered.

On the 14th Of June 2023, Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee gave a vague example of material which would breach the hate speech legislation, and this was “A person travelling to a far-right rally with posters or leaflets”. Of course, McEntee and her colleagues have failed to define “far-right” even though we know this term is normally used when referring to concerned people who speak out about issues such as open borders, mass immigration of unvetted men, LGBTQ+ propaganda in schools, the climate hoax, the vaccine injuries, excess deaths, and the damage caused by lockdowns. These hate speech laws are an attempt to ostracise and silence anyone who dares to publicly question or raise awareness around these topics. They will be used as a weapon to immobilise the utterance of Irish nationalists and obliterate their God given right to be a free and sovereign nation. McEntee has made her goals crystal clear: “Hate speech is designed to shut people down, to shut them up, to make them afraid to say who they are and to exclude and isolate them”.

Never, in the history of the world, did it end well when a government gave themselves the authority to decide what the people can and cannot say. To control people’s words is to control their thoughts and it is a despicable precedent to set.

If the Irish puppet government is allowed to plough on with their attacks on the traditional, conservative Irish people whilst promoting uncontrolled immigration, we can expect to see a continuation of the number of people following Christ dwindle, whilst the foreign Islamic ideology proliferates. Islam is currently the third-largest religion in Ireland, and it is projected to overtake the nation's Protestant population within the next two decades. I believe this could accelerate at a more rapid pace considering the first Muslim has just recently been elected (or selected, you decide) into a position of power as Cathaoirleach of the Metropolitan District of Limerick City and County Council. Fianna Fail is supposed to be a conservative and Christian party, or at least this is what its founders wished for. Placing Abul Kalam Azad Talukder in this position just shows it does not represent what our forefathers died for.

(Live 95 FM June 2023)

Just like Satan is the master of deception, our totalitarian Government think they also are! Amazingly, they will continue to disguise the slippery slope to communism as just modernity and multiculturalism. The alarming thing is that most Irish people don’t seem to realise the dangers of bowing down to globalist agendas, watering down our traditions and turning our backs on God. They seem to have no idea how multiculturalism and the acceptance of Mosques popping up left right and centre, can have on our children’s future. We don’t need to look too far if we want to learn how mass immigration of unvetted men from the third world will play out. All we must do is glance at the state of places such as Birmingham, London, and Sweden to see what happens when you welcome an unlimited number of people who strive for Sharia Law. This lethal ideology seeks to not only persecute infidels in the name of Allah but when let run rampant, takes pride and honour in killings, beheadings, stoning, public floggings, and rape. Islam has become the fastest growing ‘religion’ in Europe mainly due to immigration and higher fertility rates amongst Muslims. With the Irish government hell bent on opening up our sacred land to countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Algeria and Somalia it won’t take long for our country to diminish into a state of complete lawlessness and our Gaelic race to be ethnically cleansed. When we find ourselves in a state of complete lawlessness, we will then experience the true colours of communism. Our freedom of speech will be the least of our worries because when our country diminishes into a cesspit, the dictators, if let, will deem themselves as being the only solution to our problems and grant themselves permission to take even further control over our finances, food, movement and overall God given rights to freedom.

The brainwashed far-left Marxists of today, will try to attack Christian Nationalists who push back against this by referring to the teachings of Christ and telling us to love thy neighbour but of course this is just another pathetic attempt by them to signal virtue. To truly love your neighbour means to teach them the Truth and desire for them the best, Eternal Life. It is merely a false style of charity to advocate for freedom to encourage and approve publicly such depravity as is promoted by the Irish government and puts all of God's children at risk. Pope Pius XII provided us with excellent advice on this matter by teaching us that “It is quite legitimate for nations to treat their differences as a sacred inheritance and guard them at all costs”. Will this be an option for the Irish people when the hate speech laws come in? Will we be able to express our thoughts on the dangers associated with the insane open border policies being forced upon us by our unwanted leaders? I highly much doubt it. It will be one law for the Christian Nationalist and another for the Muslim Migrant.

Columb Barracks Mullingar, March 2023. The Riot squad were sent out to intimidate peaceful protesters who assembled in an attempt to stop the heritage site being used to house hundreds of unvetted migrants. March 2023.

When this hate speech bill is passed, what I envision is a whole new level of political policing and persecution by Drew Harris and his palace police. The narrative has already been controlled and allegiances have already been made to take all orders from the deep state with no questions asked. This is evident all across our land. It goes not only for an Garda Síochána but also for all state funded agencies, corporations, mainstream media outlets and NGO’s who claim to be non-government- yet are heavily funded by government grants. They’re already aiding in the quelling of free speech and any alternatives or opposition to the degenerate narratives being set by the powers that shouldn’t be. We witnessed this just six months ago in Ireland when the courageous Fr Sheehy dared to preach the teachings of Christ, in the house of The Living God. The mainstream media had a field day when they heard a few pick n mix Catholics abandoned Fr Sheehy’s homily in a Catholic Church, due to being offended by the Word of God. Within hours of his homily, the NGO brigade and propaganda pushers had got wind of it and all hell broke loose. They managed to manufacture outrage for the far-left by using their favourite provocative techniques which are backed by woke, nonsensical narratives. They claimed to use unbiased reporting by giving examples of comments made by Fr Sheehy and people on both sides of the argument but as we know, the entire argument was a sham in the first place and was designed to cause division and morally bankrupt the country, even more than it already was. Naturally, not everyone will, or must agree fully with Fr Sheehy’s words, but anyone with an ounce of cop on ought to know that Fr Sheehy is of course within his right to express himself as an individual, as an apostle, as a Priest of God. His (Fr Sheehy) homily wouldn’t have been controversial or up for debate until recent years, when Ireland went all Globo homo. The narrative was pushed that Fr Sheehy was the worst priest in Ireland and campaigners gathered outside the church to condemn ‘hateful speech’. The question that must be asked is, if this had have occurred when the hate speech bill becomes law, could Fr Sheehy be jailed for it? Will any priests be able to preach the Word of the Lord? Will it even be legal to own a bible? Will the palace police be able to enter your home and confiscate it because they deem it capable of inciting hatred? Time will tell, I guess.

Of course, there were and continue to be plenty more attacks on Christianity and specifically against the One True Catholic Church in recent times. Many Catholics will clearly recall the events that took place in Ireland in February of 2021. During this time when Ireland was in a ‘level 5 Covid lockdown’ it was reported on numerous occasions that over a hundred people congregated at the Blackpitts mosque in Dublin for Friday prayers. Meanwhile the ordinary Irish people weren’t allowed step outside their 2 km radius. Locals said they notified the Gardaí several times, not only of the large gatherings of hundreds of Muslims, but also the illegal parking which blocked locals into their estates while their drivers were in the mosque. For weeks, the Gardaí just point blankly refused to go near it. Meanwhile in Athlone, Co. Westmeath around the same time, a Latin Mass ceremony was grossly interrupted by members of the Gardaí. Some parishioners were even coerced into giving their names and details and forced to abandon their ceremony for fear of being arrested.

(April, 2021 Corpus Christi Church, Athlone).

Enoch Burke's story is another example of how a man in modern Ireland will openly be prosecuted for his faith. The media will try to spin the story to suit the twisted narratives of the regime, but Enoch’s story really is black and white. He refused to accept transgenderism or refer to a child as “they” and found himself imprisoned. It really was that simple. We can argue until the cows come home about the way in which he went about defending his Christian beliefs, but had he bent the knee to Satan’s perversion, - not another word would have been said.

“I do think it a gross injustice that my school and the court is seeking to deny me my religious beliefs. I go back to jail as a law-abiding subject of a State but a subject of God first”. Enoch Burke, September 2022.

What we are living through, is spiritual war between good and evil. This is why we must stand our ground and defend our faith at all costs. Once we are on Christ's side we cannot lose – we already know God Wins, he has already won!!! The question is, will we manage to save our souls by staying faithful to Him? Along with our natural rights given to us by God, we too have our natural responsibilities. We have a duty to protect the nation we’ve been graced with, indeed a moral obligation to defend the country which bore us. Ireland is God’s gift to the Gael, and it belongs to the Irish because God gave her to us. We have a duty to defend her from all invaders. Not just for ourselves but especially for our children and the future generations who depend on us, but above all, we have a duty to defend her so that she remains always in the service of and for the glory of, God. Some Catholics and other Christians are of the belief that we should not overly concern ourselves with worldly affairs, but I don’t think this one will cut it when our day of judgement arrives. I’m certain that God would want us to do everything possible to ensure the indigenous Irish are allowed to thrive. We must unite as one tribe and defend who we are as native Gaels, our land, our souls, our faith, our privacy, and our freedoms.

Siobhán Dunleavy, 21st June 2023.

Notes from the Editor:

This firm belief that we rise and defend our country and our people in the name of God, is a natural flow down from the very fact that God permitted St Michael the Archangel, to rise from several ranks below that of Lucifer, and defend God. He didn’t need St Michael to do so, but He Willed St Michael to be outraged and from an act of Free Will, to rise and defend the Glory and goodness of God.

We see such positive acts through the saints also, not least St Joan of Arc of whom we are all familiar, but also of St Boniface, one of whose most famous evangelic feats was the felling by his own hand of a sacred Oak dedicated to Thor, using the timber to build a chapel on the site where today stands the cathedral of Fritzlar, Germany; And St Benedict, who destroyed a pagan temple dedicated to Apollo, and upon its ruins built the monastery of Monte Cassino in Italy… the list is truly endless.

The destruction of the idols can be understood as the victory of right-believing Christians over all other idols, whether they be demons pretending to be gods or man-made constructs and ideologies that lead our minds from the contemplation of God.

Catholics are not doormats, we are called on the day of our confirmation to be Soldiers of Christ – to fight to defend His honour and to return that which is His, to His service.

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