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Is it because Varadkar and Co are guilty?

For years now Ireland has been facing a relentless drive in a certain direction, a direction away from God. Most of society seems to be oblivious to where that drive will lead. Most are rightly focused on the day to day running of their households and have, perhaps foolishly, placed too much trust in their elected representatives to take care of the bigger picture. Time and time again those representatives push ahead with different initiatives that none of their electorate asked for never mind voted for.

One of those initiatives of recent successive governments has been to collude with the WEF and the UN in their drive towards what they term “The Great Reset”. I repeat, they themselves term it so. Given that the elected officials themselves refer to it as “The Great Reset”, why is it that when the term is used by anyone else, people close up and cry conspiracy theory?

Those who are not in the know can be forgiven for crying conspiracy theory when they hear about the outlandish Great Reset because it truly is a Great Conspiracy that nobody would want to believe. But did we ever think that those who are not only in the know, but are also the ones planning and plotting to achieve the aims of The Great Rest, would also react in similar fashion. That is exactly what happened when, on Tuesday the 17th of December, Independent TD Mattie McGrath informed the leaders on his concerns around their plans. In response to his concerns, at first Varadkar had a look on his face as if to say; ”oh #*!-#,” Michael Martin and Leo Varadkar then disrespectfully sniggered and sneered. Mattie McGraths concerns were met with mocking laughter from around the chamber and brushed off by those who are actively involved in the conspiracy. Afterward TD Mick Barry tweeted – -“ Mattie McGrath banging on about the Great Reset in the Dáil right now. Increasingly the voice of the conspiracy theorists in this parliament.”

Hence the question, is it because they are guilty?

They endorse the “Great Reset”, they attend the meetings, they mix with Claus Schwab and they even wear the badge (see image below for proof). So it is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy fact. Whether or not The Great Rest is a thing, is not up for debate. It would be fair if they debate whether or not it is a conspiracy. But given that they try to hide it, what else can we call it but a conspiracy?

Given that they wear the badge and talk the talk, they most certainly know about it. But yet they try to hide what is in plain sight. Is it because they swallowed their own lie, the lie of it being a conspiracy theory, which they convinced their electorate of? Is it because they believe that the electorate will never notice when the politicians stand beside big banners that say “The Great Reset” or notice the big posters of colour charts relating to The Great Reset goals going up across the country? In that case, at the very least, they would be guilty of taking us for fools. Or is it because they are so ashamed and so full of guilty consciences that they hope to keep deflecting in the hope that people will not notice their intentions because they might appear devious?

What is the "Great Reset" and why might it be devious?. To give a short answer it refers to what was formerly known as the 2030 Agenda in which most governments around the world signed up to a list of Sustainable development goals without approval from their citizens. On the surface the Sustainable Development Goals, or "SDGs" for short, looks good, but in reality much of it is anti-Christian most especially in their population control goals. Overall, the goals will lead to a restriction on peoples freedoms and to a violation of democracy. Ultimately it appears that world leaders wish to create a one world government which can be seen on their own website here - Home | World Government Summit

The SDGs propaganda posters are easily identifiable by a series of coloured boxes, each box relating to a particular goal. Here is one such billboard in Ballymun, Dublin -

In conclusion, they know about the Great Reset and are actively following the dictates of the WEF. Given that they try to hide it, how can we not conclude that there is something devious about their plans? If their intentions were good then they would have no problem discussing The Great Reset and its goals that they have signed up to, they would even be proudly defending it and explaining why we should all support it. Instead they are sneering, deflecting and telling us there is nothing to see here. Therefore we can only conclude that their motives do not appear to be in line with the wishes or welfare of the Irish people. Martin and Varadkar must know that their goals do not align with the desires of the Irish people.

Jeremiah 9:6 Thy habitation is in the midst of deceit: Through deceit they have refused to know me, saith the Lord.

For further proof of the great reset -


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