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Good riddance to "Veritas" bookshop

Almost one year to the day after a boycott of Veritas bookshop was launched by lay Catholics, the management of the well known bookstore has announced that they will now close down their business. Veritas said it “envisages closing all seven remaining retail locations plus the warehouse facility by the end of 2024″.

It comes as welcome news to the many Catholics who were disgusted by "Veritas" bookstores decision to sell books which were highly offensive to God. A number of books they sold were written by well known enemies of God and therefore the management can not claim to have sold them in ignorance. The books they sold included those from Karen Ward, Eckart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch, all of whom are responsible for leading countless souls into the new age movement which has been condemned by God's One True Catholic Church.

When we reported on the boycott last year, our article stated -

Given that Veritas was founded to defend the Catholic faith, the customers are justified in expecting much better actions from the store. As Veritas’s own website says; Veritas’ origins lie with the Catholic Truth Society of Ireland, which was founded in 1899 to publish and distribute a range of religious material to the Irish people. In 1928, Veritas branched out into retail and opened a store on Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, where it sold religious artifacts and pamphlets published by the Catholic Truth Society. Therefore, it is reasonable for Catholics to expect that what they purchase in Veritas should be in line with Catholic teaching. Moreover, they also state that their mission is ; "Is to support the Bishops’ Conference in its work of communicating the Christian message through our education, parish and direct-to-consumer channels, in a sustainable way that is relevant to people today."

So if they are selling books which contradict the Catholic faith, are they not therefore guilty of undermining the very work the Bishops are undertaking? Are they not guilty of deceiving faithful Catholics who are unknowingly damaging their faith by reading books which contain heresies and blasphemies? Are Veritas not guilty of attacking Jesus Christ and His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?

Not only were they without excuse for selling the anti-Catholic books, the management themselves admitted that their motivation for doing so was all about monetary gain. When they care more for money than the glory of God, is it any wonder that they have gone out of business? If they had of stuck to their claim of being a Catholic bookstore then they would have retained the clientele of that target group. Did they really think Catholics would be so foolish to put up with such a betrayal of God? Many Catholics would prefer to shop in a secular bookshop than in a fraudulent one. When they claim to be Catholic when they are not, they lose all credibility and therefore any sense of righteous loyalty from their target group.

Veritas added that it has “experienced a significant and sustained business downturn in recent years” which has “impacted both the competitiveness and commercial viability of the business”.“We anticipate completing the orderly wind down of the business, including the closure of the remaining seven retail locations, plus the warehouse facility, by the end of 2024, but will operate on a business-as-usual basis in the meantime,” .

Given that Veritas will remain open until they wind down, one of the organisers of the boycott has told IrishNuntii that they "encourage all Catholics to continue the boycott until Veritas bookshop is completely shut down".

The Irish Bishops made a statement on the closure of "Veritas" in which they said the firm had “served the publishing and catechetical needs of the Irish Episcopal Conference very well for many years”.“The decision to begin the wind down and closure of its business operations, including its remaining retail stores, represents a great loss to the Church in Ireland,”.

Do the Bishops therefore condone the Veritas bookstores attack on God and His Church? The organiser of the boycott has informed IrishNuntii that there were at least two Bishops, one of whom is an Archbishop, who were directly informed about the said boycott and the reasons behind it. He continued "Veritas bookstore was directly attacking God Himself by promoting false religions and occultism while masquerading as Catholics. That is why so many Catholics were asking God to intervene to bring about its downfall. The closure of "Veritas" bookstore is good news for Ireland and for God's One True Church".

To get a sense of the damage that Veritas bookstore was doing to the faith in Ireland, we highly recommend that you read our report from last year which outlines the reasons for the boycott and provides quotes from the evil books which "Veritas" were selling. "Veritas" should have been renamed "Mendacium" a long time ago! Good riddance to that lying bookstore.

Read last years article on Veritas Bookstore here - Is Veritas deceiving its Customers? (

“Especially beware of bad books; and for nothing in the world let your soul be carried away by certain writings which weak brains admire, because of some vain subtleties which they find therein.”

— Saint Francis de Sales

“Never read books you aren't sure about . . . even supposing that these bad books are very well written from a literary point of view. Let me ask you this: Would you drink something you knew was poisoned just because it was offered to you in a golden cup?”

― Saint John Don Bosco

As the reading of bad books fills the mind with worldly and poisonous sentiments; so, on the other hand, the reading of pious works fills the soul with holy thoughts and good desires. - St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori says “One bad book is enough to destroy an entire convent of holy nuns.”

Only God knows the good that can come about by reading one good Catholic book. - St. John Bosco

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