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Denier of Truth - Minister for "truth"

TD minister for Tourism, Catherine Martin, in recent weeks openly mocked Saint Patrick who was a valiant ambassador for Truth itself. Now that same mocker of Truth wants to become a minister for “truth” herself.

TD Martin mocked everything St Patrick stood for when she announced government plans to use his feast day to condone vice, an agenda that Saint Patrick fiercely fought against. On that occasion Catherine Martin provoked the anger of many Catholics who were saddened to see the Patron Saint of Ireland disrespected by TD Martin’s “woke” agenda. Many took to Facebook and twitter to express their disgust. An example of the comments can be seen in a tweet by a woman named Deirdre who said – “Catherine Martin should be ashamed of herself .. this has nothing to do with St Patrick’s celebration.” It was an example of how online platforms give an outlet for the expression of free speech where they can voice their legitimate criticisms. The Irish government now looks set to remove that outlet with the introduction of hate speech laws and an online truth commission.

On the 22nd of February Catherine Martin signed a Ministerial Order which will establish Coimisiún na Meán on a statutory basis with effect from 15 March 2023.

Minister Martin said:

“Today marks another milestone in our modernisation of the regulation of the media and digital services in Ireland. In the coming years, Coimisiún na Meán will play a vital role as both a regulatory body and media development agency.

"The Ministerial Orders I have signed today will not only formally establish Coimisiún na Meán as a statutory body, but will confer it with the powers necessary to begin the work of protecting people in Ireland as we interact with one another in the online world.

"We want Ireland to be known for the effective and fair regulation of media and digital services. The establishment of Coimisiún na Meán marks an important step in this direction.”

The government has set up a group to control their narrative on events. A sharp increase in people seeking their information outside of main government propaganda sources is most likely the main motivating factor in the government's recent decision.

The working group will seek to develop the National Counter Disinformation Strategy by the end of the year.

Large sections of the Irish public have lost all trust in their government ministers and fear they are not capable of making any sound decisions. As Kieran from Kildare stated – “Many ministers have abandoned common sense a long time ago”. This latest move shows they are not yet prepared to return to reason. Instead they will seek to silence those voices who are actively trying to call them back to their senses.

Article by - Aithne Kavanagh


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