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Will Ireland join NATO?

Since the foundation of the republic of Ireland, the Irish have been proud and at times glad of their nation's neutrality in international conflicts. Previous generations of Irish people knew of the dark reality of war and they also had a better grasp of morality too. We are all aware that this generation has turned its back on morality, but will that lead to abandoning neutrality too? It is looking increasingly likely to be the case.

Ireland's neutrality has already been unofficially thrown away on numerous occasions by the current generation of Irish ministers with the most blatant example coming from Simon Coveney, in the opening weeks of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in March 2022, when he stated - “Let me be very clear, in relation to what’s happening in Ukraine, we are not neutral. In fact we are actively funding and supplying equipment to the Ukrainian military to help them defend themselves and the civilians of their country,”

“We have chosen to take sides in that regard because we believe that Russian aggression is not only illegal . . . but is also something that Ireland needs to morally take a stand on".

Since Coveney's statement, the Irish ministers and their mainstream media have increased their public discourse around the issue and look hell bent on defying the will of the ordinary Irish citizens who did not give their elected TDs any mandate to end Ireland's neutral policy.

Month after month Irish government propagandists have been telling the Irish public that it is time to discuss the nations neutrality with mainstream media also simultaneously drumming up fear of Putin.

Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett in November said the government has been attempting to "soften up public opinion on abandoning neutrality." The past years softening up has now led to a forum being held this summer to examine issues relating to Ireland’s defence capabilities and military neutrality. The forum will take place over four days in June in Galway, Cork and Dublin. Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence Micheal Martin announced plans for a “consultative forum on international security policy”.

The Irish nation recently went the way of the world and gave into fear in their response to a health scare. They look set to do the same in relation to their perceived threat of war and the hysteria is building as can be seen recently from Ciara Kelly on Newstalk when she stated - "We think our neutrality is like a shield that protects us, but I think we are naïve." "I don't think it protects us, I think it makes us a soft target."

Given the speeches made by Martin, other ministers and the Irish media over the past year, it appears they fear the worst and are seeking protection. I think they are right, war is bound to come upon any nation that slaughters its unborn children. But the solution is not to join NATO who are themselves anti Christian war criminals. The solution can be seen in God's Holy Word as God states in Proverbs 16:7 - When the ways of man shall please the Lord, he will convert even his enemies to peace.

If Ireland wants peace and protection, they must obey God's Commandments.


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