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Plea to Irish Bishops to stand up against radical leftist perversion

Anger is growing across Ireland in response to proposed changes to sex education in Irish schools. Government advisors claim to be looking for feedback from parents on the proposed changes which they plan to start teaching in September 2024. However it appears the advisors or the ministers whom they report to, care little about the feedback they are receiving and instead look intent on continuing with their desire to promote degeneracy. Norma Foley, the minister for education, recently stated as much when she said she would be pressing ahead with the changes to the sex education.

A number of groups have been started around the country in an attempt to stop the proposed changes to sex education in schools. A number of petitions have also been started by concerned parents who are calling on people to stand up against the radical leftist perversion being foisted upon their children. One such petition, started back in April 2023, pleading for Irish Bishops to intervene and speak up has recently been gaining momentum. It currently has close to 7,000 signatures. It is hoped it will encourage the Bishops to fulfil their duty of defending their flock from sexual perversion which could lead many souls into much torment and confusion. Given that Sex education classes will be mandatory for all students, it is crucial that the plan to change the curriculum is stopped.

A number of alarmed parents explained their reason to oppose what they say is a targeted campaign against the innocence of children. Some spoke about how many videos have been surfacing online in which liberals blatantly express their malicious intent. They say this alone should be proof enough for parents to realise that the government ministers, behind such changes in the schools, do not have the welfare of their children in mind.

The petition to the Bishops states - "By publicly and firmly opposing the radicalisation of sex education in Ireland, the Bishops will both defend the right of a child to be a child (and have their innocence protected) and the right of parents to be the first educators of their children where the sensitive topics of sexual education are concerned."

The petition also states - "A firestorm of distress and concern amongst parents' groups and teachers is now raging because the renewed curriculum affirms gender identity and the use of so-called "preferred pronouns", as well as sexual consent".

Unfortunately many Irish children are already faced with diabolical nonsense around gender identity. On the first week of children returning to school after their 2023 summer break, children in a Dublin primary school were faced with being told to refer to their teacher as “they” in the classroom. The "gender neutral" teacher sought to pass on her confusion to the innocent children. Any right thinking principal might consider giving such a teacher an extended summer break to get over such confusion.

It is just one example which highlights the urgency for parents to make a stand. The petition, which is copied below, can be found here - Stand against radical changes to Sex Ed in Irish schools! | CitizenGO . People are also encouraged to contact their local priests and Bishops directly.

To All Irish Bishops in your capacity of School Patrons,

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the proposed radicalisation of the Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum by Minister Foley and this coalition government. The new curriculum is slated to introduce controversial concepts like "gender identity", "preferred pronouns", and sexual consent to young schoolchildren, threatening their innocence and undermining parental rights. As patrons of nearly 90% of Irish schools, you have the power and responsibility to safeguard our children's innocence and uphold parents' rights to guide their education, especially in sensitive areas like this. We urgently appeal to you to: Publicly and firmly oppose the proposed radical SPHE curriculum and advocate for reality-based and scientifically accurate content. And, encourage Minister Foley to scrap this plan and return to the drawing board. Please act now, using your influence to reject this radical curriculum and defend the rights of Irish families. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,

[Your Name]

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