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Modern day Marxism in Catholic Ireland.

Attributed to Karl Marx is the statement "those who don't know their history are open to persuasion". This is a foundational claim of modernity, sadly. It explains why our youth across the West have invested so heavily in self hatred of Western culture. It particularly explains why Christianity is ridiculed and rejected.

Rarely are true stories told of men like the seven Irish missionary priests who were martyred in Korea as communists ran amok killing and maiming, raping and pillaging. These brave men were given options to abandon their Korean flock or face the oncoming communists. The priests preferred to remain and be with their flock. The priests were tortured and killed. You will however be saturated with stories of pedophiles pretending to be in persona Christi, or bishops siring children with housekeepers

You won't hear of bishops like Beotius McEgan who preferred to be hanged over betraying his faith and nation, instead you'll receive a story about some gay orgy of degenerate men larping as priests.

Similarly, you won't hear about men like St John Fisher who put his conscience ahead of, not only personal ambition, but his life as he was burnt at the stake for refusing to bow down to the heretical self serving Henry VIII. No, you'll be given a story of some bishop who stood idly by while perverts claiming to be men of God did the most ungodly things.

You won't ever read about nuns who sacrificed themselves to stay with orphan children while being bombed over head. Nope, you will be entertained with accounts of cruel nuns, who never as it happens, buried sickly children in latrines.

Today's western children are told to be ashamed of their forefathers who apparently lived lives of resplendence and luxury yet the vast majority inhabited tenements and rural hovels such that authors like Dickens memorialised their real plight in fiction. You won't read about the long nights toiling in a field in Ireland, nor a coal mine in Wales or Yorkshire, certainly not in trawlers off the choppy coast of Scotland to eke out a trifling living. No, tales are spun of westerners living the high life on the backs of African slaves and south American serfs.

You see, history is powerful but even more so it's corruption. "Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future" wrote George Orwell, in his novel, 1984. If you are responsible for educating the young you can make up anything. You can tell a child that ordinary hard working men and women who prayed to the cross, were evil and greedy, and the child will accept it. After all, why would their teacher lie to them? The teacher will say the same about their professor and he of his "sources".

Orwell knew this too well stating "The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” This explains why a man like Micheal Martin can declare "we want nothing to do witha backward looking idea of sovereignty" on one day while lauding a man (Michael Collins at Beal na blath) who practiced the very variety of sovereignty Martin now rejects on another.

We live in a world of fiction making because if we were to look at facts, the entire edifice of treachery would come crumbling down. There was a time when songs and stories reminded the youth of heroes past, and culture to be savoured. By eliminating those batons of culture you destroy the deep connection to the past and with no authentic past you can create a treacherous present towards an alien future.


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