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Michael D Higgins, the conspiracy theorist

The President of Ireland attended this years Bord Bia Bloom in The Park event as he has done in previous years. On this occasion he used his speaking opportunity to warn anyone willing to listen, that the planet is in peril. Speaking of the event itself, Higgins said that Bloom was now more important than its original purpose of celebrating the craft of garden design and construction as he stated that Bloom was now, "a gathering in celebration of the role of nature and the importance of biodiversity". He then went full prophet of doom on the crowd as he warned of the “alarming rate” at which climate change is happening in an attempt to scare people into believing his pagan religion.

At the heart of the climate change extremist movement is the belief in earth worship. Like earth worshippers from ancient times who sacrificed their children to the earth gods, this generations earth worshippers set out to do the same. When the UN were fighting with the Vatican over contraception and abortion, they came up with the idea that if they could convince people that the world was overpopulated they could get them to accept contraception and eventually abortion among other things. They went about this plan by telling anyone foolish enough to listen that humans and overpopulation were the cause of extreme weather. First they called it global cooling, until the real stats proved otherwise, then they called it global warming. Real stats again proved them wrong, which prompted the extremists to then use the catch all phrase of "climate change". Unfortunately the leaders of Ireland decided to follow such nonsense and ended up promoting the global initiative of , a website which is now offline, presumably because they realised people were waking up to their lies. Climate change and abortion go hand in hand.

Higgins cited a recent study, which found that almost half of the world’s species are in decline, and he said that this represented a “species failure” and that humans had shown “an inability to live in harmony with the wide diversity of life on our planet”. It would be welcome if President Higgins expressed the same about our inability to care for our own unborn children who are now murdered as a result of his very hand signing abortion into law.

Higgins who is no stranger to conspiracy theories is using his position to convince the general public to accept the very thing people used to joke about, government taxation on the air that we breath. They convinced many to accept the murder of children to prevent them ever having the chance to breathe air in this world and now for anyone who manages to escape the genocide against the unborn and breathes the air of this world, they will tax them for that air and call it carbon tax.

Who would have thought that Bloom in The Park would become a platform for such a thing!

Psalm 146:8 "Who covereth the heaven with clouds, and prepareth rain for the earth. Who maketh grass to grow on the mountains, and herbs for the service of men." (Douay Rheims translation)


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