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How many “refugees” has the Parochial house taken in?

Parochial House, Mullingar, Co Westmeath.

During mass at one of the Churches in the parish of Mullingar last Sunday- a one sided political narrative was peddled to the parishioners. Anyone who had time to read the first page of the newsletter before the ceremony began, before the priest had even stepped foot on the sanctuary, were already after being misguided and gaslit.

Issue 49 of the newsletter's theme was called, "Called to Love”, and focused on the last seven commandments, which teach us about how we should relate with other people of God, in all areas of our lives. Of course it is true that we are called to love, and should put the love of God and our neighbour at the centre of our lives, I'm sure no sound minded Catholic would argue with that, however the passage in question somehow went from that to pretty much calling the Irish people Godless, resentful, racists.

Tom Cox who signs off weekly in this area of the parish newsletter wrote “We certainly don’t and are often careless and Godless in the way we refer to people who are not born on this little island on the western edge of Europe. We resent anything that is given to them as somehow taken from ‘us’- whoever ‘us’ is”.

Mullingar Parish Newsletter, 29th October 2023.

This statement suggests to me that Mr. Cox must be unaware of the fact that the majority of people reading his newsletter are Irish and that it is highly uncharitable and insulting for him to basically refuse to even acknowledge their existence. Despite not even acknowledging the Irish as a group of people, and referring to them merely as "us, whoever us is”, Mr. Cox was still well able to refer to "us" as "resentful" and “Godless” people, and came close to categorizing us all as uncharitable xenophobes.

It really was a nonsensical statement to profess, but despite this, it comes across that when Mr. Cox claimed that “we” resent anything that is "given to them and taken from us”, he must have been referring to the resources and rights that are being taken away from the Irish people and being prioritised for foreign interests and foreign people, many of whom are entering our country illegally.

Might it be the case that Mr. Cox was referring to the fact that the Irish people's concerns are being ignored and their inherited wealth and prosperities being stolen from them? When speaking about resentment, could Mr. Cox not allow himself to consider that the resentment many Irish people feel is a just form of resentment that is not necessarily towards so called “refugees” but actually towards the actions of traitorous and Godless politicians who dictate how our hard earned money, that we pay in tax, is being spent?

Does Mr. Cox not believe that "us" the Irish people deserve to have a say over what happens to our lives, our homeland and the future of our children? How can he make such a broad statement without even attempting to acknowledge or address the injustice being carried out against the Irish people by greedy individuals, through the distribution of wealth, by theft. Is Mr. Cox so out of touch with reality and blinded by his apparently false sense of charity, that he cannot accept that his own Irish men, women and vulnerable children are being made suffer due to the open border policies of our globalist politicians?

Unfortunately Mr. Cox's words were not the only time the left leaning “refugees welcome” narrative was touted in the house of Our Lord last Sunday.

Even the Prayers of the faithful were geared around accepting mass migration with Ms. Dempsy, a retired teacher from Mullingar Community College, calling on her fellow parishioners to pray that we "Welcome strangers and refugees into our communities”.

"My house shall be called a house of prayer,' but you have made it a 'den of thieves'” (Matthew 21:13).

Fr Norman's homily was based on the first reading, which was a reading from the book of Exodus where God explains to Moses, the right way for the sons of Israel to treat strangers, and how they should not “play the usurer”. He also based his homily around the Gospel of Matthew where God teaches us the importance of loving him and our neighbours.

The beginning of Fr Norman's homily was indeed quite thought provoking and to encourage us to love our neigbour Fr Norman reminded us that none of us are “mere mortals' and that we’re all brothers and sisters of Christ. However, when it came to providing his flock with a modern day example of how we can practice these teachings of Christ, he too took the opportunity to preach about how we should “welcome refugees and strangers" into our communities and country.

To hear a priest sum up these teachings of Christ, by translating the Word of God to a such a subjective statement and message that we should “welcome refugees”, especially during a time when the country is at serious risk due to open border policies, is absolutely astonishing, in my opinion.

It is my belief that Jesus Christ would hate what's being done to the Irish people today. As we know from the Scriptures, some of which were referenced during last Sunday's ceremony, Jesus had no time for injustice, theft or money lenders. Jesus wouldn’t have wanted the wealth of the Irish people to be stolen from them by means of usury and ever increasing astronomical amounts of taxes. Of course, as Christians we should help our neighbours out when and where it is possible, but it is completely immoral to distribute the wealth of the Irish people to foreign entities and foreign guests, all at the cost of the Irish peoples wellbeing, safety, faith, culture, tradition and entire existence being jeopardized.

When confronted about the ceremony and newsletter, thankfully Fr Norman was very open to listening to concerns and even agreed that “we should take care of vulnerable people who need care but we shouldn't put up with risky behaviour”.

However, when asked why this was not mentioned once during the forty minute ceremony, he said “it just didn’t occur to me”.

Fr Norman admitted to making generalities in "welcoming strangers” and noted that concerns around welcoming in thousands of unvetted male migrants from largely Muslim countries, were "legitimate". He agreed that open border policies do come with "associated risks" but also mentioned that in today's ceremony “that wasn’t what I was focusing on” and “the Sermon wasn’t meant to cover all sides”.

When asked if Fr Norman himself would be open to accommodating any undocumented, male “refugees” into his own home at the Parochial house he said “Kinda- not really, our rooms are on reserve”. He then confirmed that “I don’t think we have the facilities for that".

Fr Norman explained that the Parochial house has helped Irish Homeless people over the years but that this (welcoming undocumented 'refugees') was a "completely different situation".

He said, "It looks like a big building but we’re actually pretty stuck for space”.

Baring in mind that Fr Norman isn’t aware of any of the parish priests visiting our hundreds of new to the parish guests, who in recent months have been planted into our local communities across Co Westmeath, without any input from concerned locals, in buildings such as the the Collumb Barracks and the old hospital in Coole, to offer them charity and conversion, one could be forgiven for contemplating that preaching for others to "accept strangers and refugees" may be hypocritical of him.

Anyone can offer prayers from a distance. Anyone can offer false charity and virtue signal, but it takes morality and courage to inspire others to seek the full truth of all situations, empower them to see the wood from the trees and stand up to injustice.

It really is no surprise that the latest figures from the 2022 Census reveal to us that the number of Catholics in Ireland is declining. Many people have been discouraged from attending Mass in recent years due to a fatigue that has fallen upon them from listening to the Clergy peddle one sided government narratives. It almost beggars belief that some of our priests have even begun to sound more secular than our politicians.

In saying this, as Catholics who have been gifted the Faith, that our ancestors fought and died for, for hundreds of years, we must not be drove away from the house of God so easily.

As Catholics, we should not be discouraged from practicing the One True faith or attending Christ's Church to receive the Blessed Sacraments. Because this would be allowing evil to win, and allowing evil to win isn't on the agenda, it's simply not part of the plan.

We know the plan and the plan is that God wins. Not just God, but also the faithful followers of his One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

A Prayer for Priests. St John Vianney was canonized in 1925 by Pope Pius X and declared the Patron Saint of Parish Priests.

God, please give to your Church today many more priests after your own heart.

May they be worthy representatives of Christ the Good Shepherd.

May they wholeheartedly devote themselves to prayer and penance; be examples of humility and poverty; shining models of holiness; tireless and powerful preachers of the Word of God; zealous dispensers of your grace in the sacraments.

May their loving devotion to your Son Jesus in the Eucharist and to Mary his Mother be the twin fountains of fruitfulness for their ministry.



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