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What Happened to Don’t Kill Granny? Euthanasia in Ireland, “Dying with Dignity Bill 2020”.

Article Dated 24/07/2023

Euthanasia in Ireland, “Dying with Dignity Bill 2020”.

What Happened to Don’t Kill Granny?

Gino Kenny, PBP pictured with Richard Boyd Barrett PBP, and Brid Smith PBP.

Gino Kenny of People Before Profit has been working tirelessly to ensure legislation gets passed in Ireland to legalise murder by medical practitioners. The Dying with Dignity Bill 2020 is a Private Members Bill from Kenny which seeks to allow for the provision of what he and his colleagues describe as “assisted dying”. Kenny dreams of a day in Ireland when death wishes can be granted to “qualifying people” who meet certain criteria. The bill is currently being considered by a special Oireachtas Committee, which is made up of fourteen sitting TDs and Senators. All of whom are listed herein: Michael Healy- Rae, Chairperson, (Independent), Gino Kenny (PBP), Sorca Clarke (Sinn Féin), Pa Daly (Sinn Féin), Patrick Costello (Green Party), Annie Hoey (Labour), Fiona O’Loughlin (Fianna Fáil), John Lahart (Fianna Fáil), Robert Troy (Fianna Fáil), Alan Farrell (Fine Gael), Emer Higgins (Fine Gael), Mary Seery (Fine Gael), Ronan Mullen (Independent), Lynn Ruane (Independent).

The Joint Committee on Assisted Dying held its first public meeting on Tuesday the 20th of June, there were several private meetings held prior to this. The committee is expected to report to the Dáil and the Seanad within nine months of its first public meeting, which will be March 2024. The committee has invited many academics to their meetings, one of whom is Dr Tom Hickey. At the second meeting Hickey, the Associate Professor in the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University, made it clear to all present, that there is nothing preventing the Irish Government from legalising “assisted dying”, he reminded the committee of their power by stating “You are the legislators, you are the Oireachtas. You get to make the call on what’s in the public interest”.

It appears that this committee has been formed to decide that legislation to legalise murder, for the second time, is to be passed. It’ll just be a matter of how they will go about it and whether or not the Irish people will be able to stop them. They are not currently intending to carry out an open call for submissions nor is there any talk of a referendum. God be with the days when the Irish people were allowed to have a say over what happened in their own country.

State Sanctioned, Murdering of the Innocent.

Gino Kenny, in Dáil Éireann, proud as punch of his euthanasia bill.

As many of you may have already known, euthanasia literally translates as “good death” or “easy death” and it is the act of intentionally ending a life to relieve suffering, for example, a lethal injection would be administered into the veins of a patient, by a doctor. It is the wilful and direct killing of a person, under the guise of palliative care. In modern days however, where governments are attempting to make this a legal and common practice, they will use terms such as “physician assisted death” or “assisted dying” to dress it up, even though the truth is conspicuous- each method of murder is just as evil as the other. Both are barbarous and neither are ethically or morally sound. Despite this, they will attempt to lead us to believe that “assisted dying” is not murder because in this case, they will merely hook the person up to the drug that will, with pressure, manipulation and guilt, end their life and allow them, the most vulnerable sick, elderly or depressed in our society, to push the button or swallow the toxic substance themselves. Oh, how kind. Just a click of a button and off they go on their own terms, experiencing what they will market as, “a dignified death”. They will distract from the fact that the Dying with Dignity Bill 2020 does indeed allow for outright murder because in the bill it clearly states, “the medical practitioner in the case that it is not possible for the self-administer then the substance or substances may be administered; with the purpose of enabling that person to end his or her own life”.

When they present euthanasia to the public, personally and specifically, to vulnerable & isolated individuals, under the guise of “dignified dying”, it’s relatively easy to understand why many would sadly fall for it. Elderly or sick either mentally or physically, don’t want to be a financial or emotional burden on their children, indeed, it almost comes across as a kind and compassionate act, even though, when you tear through all the jargon and emotions they attach to it, it becomes clear, that it is a false sense of compassion. One that is not accompanied by truth or respect for human life. It is an evil attempt to virtue signal and not an act of love or anything compatible with a healthy society. By bringing the virtue signalling element into the act of legalising murder, and overusing emotions, they know many will be led into a huge tangle of confusion that they won’t be able to untie, and so, they’ll end up just accepting it. Once again, neurolinguistic programming will be one of the major tactics used to pull off such a crime against humanity. They’ll refrain from using the words murder or suicide just in case it reminds people of the T4 programme in Nazi Germany, which was used to kill people who may have been a financial burden on society. But realistically, we all know, if the Irish Governments proposed methods of mass murder come into fruition, they will not be any more pleasant than any acts of genocide that happened previously, either abroad, or at home.

Calls For Even More Safe & Rare Murder

Brid Smith Dáil Éireann, calling to legalise the murder of adults.

This professional style of murder that Gino Kenny hopes to legalise, will be marketed as just another “solution” they can offer to you because of course, they, The Irish Government, care about you so much. They don’t think you should have to suffer so they’ve come up with the perfect solution. They will help you to commit suicide or if you cannot manage that on your own, they will just kill you themselves. Imagine that. You really couldn’t make it up.

They will pull at the heart strings of the people to persuade them that taking the life of another person by means of prescribing them with a fatal drug, is not murder and their strategies will be similar to the ones they used when they stripped the Irish Constitution of the right to life by legalising the murder of babies in the womb by their own mothers. Gino Kenny wishes for “assisted dying” to be offered to people who are deemed by a corrupt medial community to be suffering a terminal illness and so himself and his fellow dictators will sit around the table for the next 9 months, plotting how to sell suicide and murder, and having nonsensical conversations about how they can be seen to the naked eye to safeguard the lives of people who may seek to be murdered by the State when they legalise this new murder or assisted, pressurised suicide.

Naturally, they will know deep down what they’re discussing is absolute insanity, but nevertheless they will continue with the script that has been handed to them by their masters. Eventually they will conclude that these murders will be safe and rare. Obviously, any “healthcare procedure” that ends in death is rather unsafe for the individual concerned, and as for the rarity of these proposed acts of murder, well they said that abortion would be rare too, and look at the ever-increasing number of babies killed since that law was passed.

It doesn’t seem to be enough for the “pro choice” campaigners to have over 31,000 dead babies in just five short years, they want this number to increase. Despite a 24% rise in abortions in 2022, which accounted for 8,500 deaths, Brid Smith of PBP, Kenny’s superior, still sees fit to present a bill to amend Ireland’s existing abortion laws. Smith’s bill which has passed the second stage, aims to legislate for the removal of the three-day wait for an abortion, removes the 12-week limit on when abortions can be performed and also allows for the decriminalisation of abortions in all circumstances. This is not what the Irish people voted for in 2008. The so-called “safeguards” that were put in place to stop the murdering of babies becoming a common occurrence, are being stripped away. Providing safeguards was merely a sales technique for the Irish people. Time and time again, the Irish Government proves to us that they care nothing for the lives of the Irish people. The gift of life is actually becoming quite cheap in Ireland. As a nation, we are continuing along in a dark and dangerous direction, one which will lead many straight to the fires of hell. The Irish Government must be stopped from spreading their wicked ways and destroying souls. They think they have gotten away with killing at the beginning of life, so they want to progress to killing at the end of life too and probably anywhere in between. This was predicted by many people who have been observing their treachery for some years now. After all, euthanasia follows abortion as certainly as night follows day.

Respect your elders, or kill them? Make up your mind PBP.

Boyd Barrett, Dáil Éireann 2020, in full support of Euthanasia.

Blood thirsty, Boyd Barrett of PBP, cheers on both of his colleague’s homicidal bills. Euthanasia especially. He even had the neck to be calling for “assisted suicide” on the same day he dictated that no granny in the country should leave their homes, so as to not risk their lives!! Or was it so as to not overwhelm the hospitals – hard to remember so many lies. In October 2020 when we were all supposed to be in it together, all so determined to save granny, he was perched in the Dáil discussing a bill that would allow for the killing of the frailest people on our land. I guess communists, who know no boundaries, or borders, will never cease to amaze us. Boyd Barrett, otherwise known as Mr, lets delimit the right to private property is the same man, if given half the chance, would have implemented a “zero covid” approach to the “pandemic”; just like communist China did.

There used to be a time in Ireland when we respected our elders and cherished them as the gift they honestly are, but oh how things have changed. As a nation, we truly have fallen frightfully far. We seem to have simply accepted that it is a common occurrence for the people who built this country, to die on hospital trollies, and unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It should be extremely concerning, even for the people who are completely out of touch with reality, that our government want to offer us euthanasia at a time when our healthcare system is nowhere near fit for purpose. Reflecting back on the handling of the so-called pandemic over the last 3 years should be enough to make people take notice of how things in the medical field are destined to unfold in the future.

Gino Kenny, the master of speaking out of both sides of his mouth, has called for a public enquiry into the deaths resulting from covid 19 in our nursing homes, which according to his own stats, accounted for 45% of all deaths. It’s an awful pity that Kenny can’t seem to join the dots and realise that the proposed safeguards in his euthanasia bill, haven’t a hope in hell of safeguarding suicidal people from legalised murder, considering 89% of people who died with Covid in Ireland, died with medical professionals around them, either in care homes or hospitals. It’s an even bigger shame that he hasn’t the intellect, or the interest to point out in Dáil Éireann, the evidence unfolding in our neighbouring countries, the evidence that tells the true story of what went on in medical institutions, during the recent days of “don’t kill granny”. Kenny plays the good Samaritan, poorly, calling for an investigation into what happened to our elderly loved ones in Ireland during the covid hoax, but he is only asking to be seen asking. He knows due to the lack of accountability in the HSE, the corrupt mainstream media and the controlled opposition, the secrets will stay hidden unless the public demand answers.

In the north of Ireland and the UK for example, there have been calls to investigate the overuse of the “do not resuscitate” protocol, along with the possibility that sedatives may have been used to cause “covid deaths”. I wonder why Kenny doesn’t appear to be aware of a Pro life campaigner in the UK called Professor Patrick Pullicino, who has been speaking openly about his suspicion that the spike in deaths that coincided with the spike in midazolam prescriptions, was evidence that many people had been killed as a response to dealing with a non-life-threatening disease.

If Kenny truly cared about the people of Ireland, and wanted to prevent them from suffering so much, there are crucial questions that he should be demanding answers to, before daring to proceed with legalising euthanasia. The Irish people should be demanding answers to these questions too. Did some people die in Ireland during the “pandemic” as a result of medical interventions being recommended at the time? Were benzodiazepines and opioids, such as morphine and midazolam, given to “covid patients” with absolutely no evidence that they would save lives? Did the HSE direct its doctors to give “covid patients”, who may have already been suffering from breathlessness, drugs that would ensure their respiration be depressed even more and ultimately be the cause of them to stop breathing and die? Did the HSE purposely order euthanasia in Ireland to inflate the Covid 19 deaths figures, to instil fear into the Irish people so they would comply with tyranny and be easily coerced into taking experimental “covid vaccines”? Was this the precursor for the full-blown legalisation of euthanasia and the culling of Ireland's elderly?

The Slippery Slope.

Canadians rally against euthanasia.

Kenny’s Dying with Dignity Bill 2020 proposes that a person waits 14 days after being approved to have their life ended, to officially be murdered. However, it fails to include any time restraints when it comes to determining the length of life the patient, may or may not have left to live. Under this bill, no one knows if the person could be “assisted to die” if they had 10 months left to live or potentially 10 years left to live. The thing is it wouldn’t be possible for them to “safeguard” this by giving the person a specific length of time they should spend on death row. They will argue that the person will have the “freedom to choose” but this is the slippery slope anyone who falls for their lies, will perish on. They will never acknowledge the fact that only God can and should ever, decide when our times up. For the ones who don’t believe in God, logic should be enough to determine how wrong the whole situation is, when you consider the endless amounts of medical cases where people have been judged to be “irreversibly comatose” or diagnosed with a terminal illness and then have gone on to live perfectly healthy and happy lives.

There can be no way to safeguard any aspect of “assisted dying” being carried out by doctors and the doctors themselves know this. It won’t be surprising if they continue to follow orders and go along with it though, their Hippocratic oath of “first do no harm” seems to go out the window when there’s big money to be made. They will more than likely continue to bend the knee like the good little fascist foot soldiers they are for Big Daddy Government and their business partners, Big Pharma. Despite the doctors knowing that in other countries where similar laws have already been introduced to those proposed in Gino Kenny’s bill, it didn’t take long before there was unrestricted euthanasia, many of them will more than likely sign up for it regardless. Probably just as quick as they did for the experimental “covid” injections.

Canada is in a league of its own when it comes to “legally” killing people. During 2018, which was the first year Canada legalised “assisted dying”, just over 1,000 people were murdered, but this number has grown every year since and to date there has been at least 30,000 “assisted deaths” carried out, in just 6 years. At the moment, in Canada, if your medical condition is a mental illness, you are not eligible for “assisted dying”, but in March 2024 this “safeguard” is expected to be dismissed. Canada’s assisted dying program has become an object of international attention in recent years but of course RTE aren’t going to make the Irish people aware of this. Endless stories have even come out about patients who applied for “assisted dying” and have had their death wishes granted in Canada, not because of terminal illnesses, but because of abandonment by the health services, abandonment by society and a life burdened by poverty, which was created by the Canadian government. A committee of Canada's parliament are currently going so far as to call for the country's euthanasia programme to be extended to “mature minors” whose death is “reasonably foreseeable”, without parental consent. The Netherlands is also set to widen their euthanasia regulations to include the possibility of doctors assisting in the death of terminally ill children aged between one and twelve. Children over twelve can already request euthanasia in the Netherlands, with mandatory parental consent, but only until they reach sixteen. Then the child can make the decision to die for themselves. In 2022, 5.1% of all deaths in the Netherlands was due to euthanasia. In fact, if you look at any of the countries that have legalised euthanasia, as the years went by, many of the safeguards got scrapped, and the number of recorded murders by euthanasia skyrocketed.

Does Senator Senator Lynn Ruane want the slippery slope to lead towards murdering anyone who is feeling a bit down? -

Whatever happened to helping people through tough times and discouraging people from suicide? No need for suicide now, Lynn Ruane might offer the option of murder by a doctor as an alternative.

Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Nursing home staff gather to protest at Dáil Éireann. June 2023.

Fears of death, abandonment, and isolation are already a big problem amongst many older people, sick people, people with mental health problems and disabilities in Ireland, especially since the trauma they experienced during harsh lockdowns. The covid hoax put many people in a permanent state of fear and this alone would have accelerated the public demand for euthanasia. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s the right solution.

We must accompany people towards death, and provide them with humane palliative care, but we must not dare to provoke death or facilitate any form of suicide. Ireland has struggled with suicide and mental health issues for far too long as it is. We even have the 4th highest rate of teen suicide in the EU since as far back as 2017. What kind of example would it give to our young people if we were to legalise murdering each other because the quality of our lives may deteriorate? As adults we have a duty to set a decent example for the children growing up in our society and what we must teach them is the right to care and treatment for all, whether physical or mental, must always be prioritised, so that the weakest are never discarded of. Life is a right, and the right to life should never be messed with. Death must never be administered or reacted to, as a solution to problems created by a government’s wrongdoings.

Speaking of government wrongdoings, the idea of the government almost silently, attempting to legalise euthanasia, gets even more sinister when you consider the fact that nursing homes are shutting down all over the country to make room for economic migrants. Private nursing homes can’t afford to stay in business because of hiking overheads and the government are refusing to offer enough financial support to assist them to stay open. 11 active nursing homes in Ireland were converted into accommodation for economic migrants in a period of just a few months before there was a ban put on the activity late last year, however, this ban is due to be lifted in the coming months. It appears the “Ireland for All” Government will go to any lengths to round up beds for our new to the parish people, in the much more lucrative market, without giving a second thought on how these policies will impact those who are in most need of nursing care.

The fact of the desperate matter is, many elderly people in this country have absolutely no idea where they’re going to go if they become in need of full-time care, which cannot be provided by a family member, and this is due to the government's failures to provide nursing facilities. So, what does the Irish Government plan on saying to Granny during a time when it looks like she may have nowhere to go? Why don’t you have “a dignified death?”.

Gino Kenny says this bill is all about choice and giving people the freedom to choose but that must be the biggest lie he has ever told. What his bill will do is strip people of freedom and choice, because after all, a dead man can’t choose. Murder in the form of euthanasia is an evil solution for a failing, falling, weak and Godless society. It does not come from God and must be called out for exactly what it is, evil.

In God we trust.

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.

Matthew 11:28

Jesus Christ died to save us from the loss of heaven. He did not die to save us from suffering in this world but unfortunately the man-made religion of wokeism has created a society so weak, they are being easily conditioned into believing that the only ones they should worship is themselves, and they shouldn’t have to suffer at all. The notion that we have a “right to die” on our own terms is one of the last frontiers in a spiritual war, to remove any faith people have left in God.

When one forces the end of life through euthanasia one contradicts the divine world order and moral law. As Catholics we know life is a gift from God and medical practitioners have a duty to preserve it. With that being said, every living person will eventually have to enter into eternal life through death, so treatments or procedures may be refused if they offer little or no benefit and cause undue burden.

Human beings are made in the image of God and birth and death are natural processes of life that God created. We must respect that. No human being has the authority to take the life of any innocent person, even if that person claims they want to die. We should insist in top class palliative care and comfort for people coming to the end of life or suffering badly but we should not offer them death on demand. We are particularly vulnerable and weak when we suffer and go through periods of despair, because we realise that we are not in control, but these are the moments when we can become our strongest, if we can just learn to surrender and depend on God.

When trying to discern different kinds of murder, and how they compare to euthanasia, St Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest teachers of the medieval Catholic Church, encouraged us to look at the conditions of the act itself. He taught us that there must be a justifying condition when it comes to putting someone to death, the act of putting someone to death, alone, is disordered and wrong. However, when you take the condition of the person, and why that person is being put to death into consideration, it will render the moral act either good or bad. Say for example if you were to put someone to death by capital punishment because the person had committed a crime such as treason, or sexual abuse of a child, that condition, would render the act morally licit. In fact, St Thomas said that it would actually drain out the initial disorder of the killing, rendering it morally good. Or if one were to take another person’s life as a means of defending themselves, that too would be justifiable. However, when you lack a justifiable condition, for the act of murder, then the act of killing someone is rendered bad and not of God. In the case of euthanasia, the suffering that the person has, is not a penal condition. To deem it a penal condition is false charity. St Thomas said to put someone to death they must have done something penal, something that merits the death. In euthanasia, the fact that the person is innocent and hasn’t committed any evils, the fact that the person is merely suffering, that suffering is not a sufficient condition to have them murdered. St Thomas believed, the only people you can kill are the proven guilty, and even then, it must be a last resort.

St Thomas Aquinas was born near Naples, Italy in 1225. He was educated by the Dominican Order and devoted his life to the knowledge of God.


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