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Dail Eireann - Kicked in the backside

On the return to Dail Eireann, after their summer break, TDs were met with a large crowd of angry citizens. Anger which propelled many people to exercise their right to protest was being expressed in the form of banners, chants, songs and some shouting in the direction of any ministers who walked by. The anger remained restrained by the vast majority in attendance. However, a few people let their anger overflow into aggression towards at least two TDs, one of whom was Michael Healy Rae who had to be escorted away from the scene. Another Sinn Fein TD, Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire, who was blocked from entering the Dail received a kick to his backside.

The actions of a few have tarred the actions and motives of many. Despite the actions of a few, there were many protestors who protested their cause in a well spoken dignified manner.

The motives for the protest ranged from Helen McEntee's anti free speech bill to the illegal immigration problem. Many also voiced their anger at media bias saying that RTE is a "corrupt government propaganda machine". Brian from Dublin said he attended the protest to "let the government know that people are fed up with the lies and corruption" he further mentioned "recently the minister for children openly stated he deleted important files from a judge in relation to children taken into care and nothing is done about it, he shouldn't get the chance to resign, in a normal society he would be sacked"

Lorna who travelled from Louth said "this government needs to go. With every passing month they appear to be more and more anti-Irish". She says she has come to that conclusion in light of the governments pandering to global interests rather than Irish interests.

The protests eventually led to the public order unit being deployed when a number of protestors blocked the exit from the Dail Eireann car park which resulted in TDs having to wait in their cars to leave.

The protest ended with several arrests. Protestors claimed the Garda could have shown more leniency to one woman who they arrested who was pregnant. They also claim Gardaí failed to assist a man they injured while clearing people away from the entrance. The protests have received widespread criticism.

Some of the criticism is justified. But the criticisms around the motives of the protest are not justified.

Few can argue with the motive to protest against the anti free speech law. However many are being guilted and shamed into avoiding the immigration debate. Many people have legitimate concerns which should not be tarred as racist. A woman who travelled from Monaghan for the protest said "The suggestion that the Irish are racist is at best naïve. At worst, it is politically convenient. I reject the accusation that I am a racist. The problem we are facing is that the traitors have adopted globalist policies and no longer care about Irish interests. " She spoke further about globalist policies which seek to erode national identity to push everyone toward the idea of accepting nations without borders and one world governance. This is a plan which the WEF meetings openly promote. A plan which many are protesting about, because it will very likely lead to widespread disorder.

In 1920, Pope Benedict XV predicted globalism as we are enduring today would be 'a reign of unheard of terror.' From his encyclical BONUM SANE "In fact, the advent of a certain universal republic has matured in the vows and expectations of the most seditious ones, which is founded on the absolute equality of men and on the communion of goods, and in which there is no longer any distinction of nationality, the authority of the father over the children, nor of the public power over the citizens, nor of God over the men gathered in civil consortium, is recognized. All these things, if implemented, would give rise to tremendous social convulsions, such as the one that is now desolating a not small part of Europe. And precisely in order to create a similar state of affairs among other peoples, we see that the plebs are excited by the fury and impudence of a few, and here and there riots occur repeatedly."

Many Church leaders are also falling for the recent push towards globalism. A problem which Cardinal Robert Sarah has addressed in the past, saying that "defending migration was a misinterpretation of Gospels by priests and bishops “bewitched” by political and social issues."

If the immigration crisis is linked to globalism and outside interference, Church teaching on such a take over is clear: As St. Thomas Aquinas puts it - “If foreigners were allowed to meddle with the affairs of a nation as soon as they arrived, many dangers might occur, since the foreigners not yet having the common good firmly at heart, might strive for certain goals in opposition to the people.”

St Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologiae ( identifies man’s relations with foreigners as being twofold: “peaceful, and hostile: and in directing both kinds of relation, the Law contained suitable precepts.” In making this affirmation, St Thomas affirms that not all immigrants are equal. Every nation has the right to decide which immigrants are beneficial, that is, “peaceful,” to the common good. As a matter of self-defence, the State can reject those criminal elements, traitors, enemies and others who it deems harmful or “hostile” to its citizens.

The second thing he affirms is that the manner of dealing with immigration is determined by law in the cases of both beneficial and “hostile” immigration. The State has the right and duty to apply its law. The State acting against the nation and citizen, does not – they are no longer a valid or lawful government, they are treacherous to their people.

We should always remain open to helping foreigners and asylum seekers who need our help, but it should be done in a manner which is controlled and respectful of Irish citizens. Concerns should be listened to and addressed. The government should listen to its people.


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