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Attack on women's dignity in upcoming referendum

On March the 8th, the Irish government will attempt to remove the constitutional protection from women which protects them from exploitation by the State.

Article 41.2 states - 1 "In particular, the State recognises that by her life within the home, woman gives to the State a support without which the common good cannot be achieved. 2 The State shall, therefore, endeavour to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home."

The government has failed to adequately explain the reasons for such an assault on the dignity of women in the home. They have, like in previous assaults on freedoms, instead turned to deflection and misinformation in relation to the matter. Across government media outlets, a common narrative is being spun in which they plainly hope to hoodwink many unsuspecting voters. That narrative is their tried and tested scream of archaic "sexism" and proceeding to tell voters that "times have changed" and we therefore need to remove the wording from the constitution in order to better conform to the liberal "contemporary" Ireland.

Upon reading the anti-family government arguments it becomes clear why they rarely state the actual wording of the article of the constitution they are referring to. They repeatedly state article 41.2 but they very rarely state the actual wording of article 41.2, most likely because if they did so it would become obvious to the voters that they are lying when they say it is sexist or archaic. The fact is that the wording upholds the dignity of women and protects them from state exploitation. By stating "The State shall, therefore, endeavour to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home. ", it puts the onus on the government to provide a fair and prosperous economy in which a woman will not be forced against her wishes to enter the workforce. Nowhere, absolutely nowhere, does it state or imply that it restricts a woman or that it confines a woman to the home and it most definitely has not ever created such an outcome as can be seen in the countless examples of women who have successfully risen to the top of a wide range of careers in this country. This fact can even be seen in the very example of the female ministers who are actually spreading the "sexist" lie. If the constitution was a problem for women then they would not be ministers. So  why are they spreading that lie? Could it be that many of them are just spouting the same lies they heard elsewhere without having read the actual wording themselves? Judging by their comments, that seems likely.

It is also true that the government has been influenced by outside interference. In their report to the government the IHREC stated the views of the anti-Christian and anti-life body, CEDAW. CEDAW which is overseen by the UN is a Marxist driven organisation which seeks to destroy traditional family roles by pressuring governments to promote gender confusion among children. In reference to Ireland's constitution, of which they have no business meddling in, The CEDAW Committee stated that it - […] regrets that the existing discriminatory provision contained in article 41.2 of the Constitution, which perpetuates traditional stereotypical views of the social roles and responsibilities of women and men in the family and in society at large, has not been amended.

Why do they speak of tradition in a negative way? They hate traditional marriage, they hate traditional men, they hate traditional women, they hate traditional families and they hate national identity. In short, they hate all the things which are core to our culture and they are actively seeking to dismantle our culture so that they can shape their own godless society.

As the referendum draws nearer, many women have rightfully expressed their dismay at the government referendum and some have stated that they are perplexed as to why they would want to remove such a noble article from our constitution. Sandra from Donegal stated, "the constitution has never prevented me in my role as mother or in my career so I see no need for this referendum"

The Countess, an Irish women and children's rights group, stated - "The current wording of Article 41.2 protects mothers, and moreover, it protects their choices. It is utterly misleading and indeed disingenuous for the government or any other actors to suggest that it forces women to stay at home and not work. This is simply untrue. It protects and honours the role of mothering in the home and for the greater good. Of all stay-at-home parents, 95% are mothers; therefore, reducing them to carers erases the role of mother."

Patrick from Donegal said, " It is a ludicrous insane evil idea and should be treated as such. Women of Ireland should reject the attempted attack on their dignity and the men of Ireland should rise up to defend the dignity of their wives, daughters, mothers and sisters and vote in large numbers to reject the radical leftist government's proposal."

With the referendum being three months away, the government has already launched a smear campaign against those opposing their agenda. The Irish examiner recently ran an article attempting to portray those opposing the referendum as far right. “I think it is a concern and I think we may well see the far-right mobilising but I don’t think that should push us off what’s right to do,” TD Ms Bacik said. Far right is the government's go to card for any and all issues on which they are opposed. At this rate, it now appears likely that over 80% of Irish people are far right.

This referendum is nothing more than the senseless continuation of the same lie successive governments and Marxist NGOs have been pushing for decades. What lie is that? To answer that, I will reuse a paragraph from a previous news article, - Woke Irish Government declares rural areas sexist - ,

Overall, through their agenda, the lie they are selling is the same lie that was told in the 60s when they sought to create division in the family by telling women they must be free and that they should no longer be “oppressed” in the family. They offered them freedom, fame, power and pleasure but instead they got the opposite, as Carries Gress says in her book – “A striking clue that all these things we witness in abundance today are at odds with God’s plan for women is that, for all the so-called progress women have made, there is precious little evidence that any of it has actually made women happier. Divorce rates are still staggering, with 70 per cent initiated by women; suicide rates are soaring; drug and alcohol abuse is unprecedented; STDs, particularly among women, are at epidemic levels, and depression and anxiety are everywhere. Women are not getting happier, just more medicated. “  Is it not time we asked why? The lie they sold has led people to profound unhappiness. The unhappiness has no doubt come as a result of society abandoning the virtues and replacing them with vice. Is it a stretch to connect that unhappiness and vice to the government's assault on traditional family roles? No, it is not a stretch because the family is God’s design for happiness and fulfilment, when God’s design is rejected it always leads to destruction and unhappiness.

It is time to reject their lies by rejecting their proposal in the upcoming referendum.

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