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90 Days Jail for abortion

A 19 year old woman in the USA was given a 90 day prison sentence for murdering her child.

The woman, named Celeste Burgess, pleaded guilty to illegally concealing the dead child's body after she murdered the child with the use of abortion pills when the child was approximately 28 weeks old. Some may say justice has been done but unfortunately in todays depraved society, if she had of decided to murder her child 9 weeks earlier she would have got away free of punishment as at the time Nebraska laws allowed children to be killed up to a 20-week limit. Nebraska has since reduced the limit for murdering unborn children to 12 weeks.

Celeste's mother, Jessica Burgess, 42, faces charges in relation to assisting her and if found guilty, could be given up to five years in prison.

Court documents state, Celeste Burgess was in her third trimester of pregnancy when she consumed the abortion pills, thereby making the procedure illegal under Nebraska law.

Upon initial investigations by the police the teen, who was then 17, tried to deny any wrongdoing by claiming that she had given birth to a stillborn child. However, Facebook messages revealed that she and her mother had discussed how to obtain the poisonous pills and how to "burn the evidence".

In the end, Burgess pleaded guilty to a felony charge of removing or concealing human skeletal remains. Two other misdemeanour charges against her - concealing the death of another person and false reporting - were dropped. In addition to serving three months in jail, she faces two years of probation.

Her mother, who is due to be sentenced in September, has pleaded guilty to providing an illegal abortion, making false statements to authorities and tampering with human skeletal remains.

Although many people will be glad to see justice for the murdered child, many will also hope and pray that the sentence will bring the perpetrator to repentance and that the case will discourage others from committing similar acts of barbarity. Roe v Wade was overturned a little over a year ago on the feast of Christ The King, and has given much hope that more punishment will follow for those who choose to kill unborn children.

May the child rest in peace and may the mother obtain mercy from God.


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