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Wooden Rosard beads with Pardon Crucifix (design of crucifix approved by Pope Pius X in 1905, has rich indulgences attached to it  - Remember the Pardon Crucifix ( )


These Rosary beads are handmade, durable and longlasting made using a very strong 3mm paracord. Various colours of cord and wooden beads, 10mm and 12mm, available.


Preparing beads for one single Rosary will take between one to one and a half hours because each bead is carefully coloured and varnished by hand.  Crucifix is 5.5cm long. Total lenght of the rosary is approx 51cm (20 Inches).


 Made by Robert at "St Joseph's Workshop"


When placing order, please send message stating which colour you would like. God bless,

Rosary beads

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