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Breaking : Iran launches attack on Israel

"The Israelis and Arabs are coming to an agreement but it will always be a forced agreement, it will always be a powder keg with fire nearby, one day it will ignite and blow up everything to ruin the whole world and all that's living" Nov 10th 1973 Our Lady of Revelation

This evening, Iran has launched an attack on Israel. Iranian media is reporting that the Iranian army has so far launched 50 Shahed drones towards Israel.

Israel have already stated earlier this week that they will retaliate in the case of such an event. There are also reports of multiple cruise missiles and ballistic missiles being launched too.

The article below is from October following the Hamas attack on Israel, it is reposted considering today's breaking news of Iran launching an attack on Israel.

On Saturday Hamas attacked Israel brutally killing over 600 Israelis, a death toll which has now risen to over 800. The world is used to flare ups of trouble between Palestine and Israel but on this particular occasion it appears that the trouble is spreading more quickly than what we have seen in recent years. This time many Israeli citizens are openly stating that they plan to annihilate Hamas. If they attempt to do so, the war will most certainly spread to neighbouring Lebanon too. Hamas have called on other Arab countries to join the war against Israel. So far, the Taliban have responded by requesting permission from Iran, Iraq and Jordan to pass through their countries to "conquer Jerusalem". The events bring to mind the messages of Our Lady of Revelation and the call to repentance.

At Tre Fontane, on April 12, 1947, The Virgin Mary appeared to Bruno Cornacchiola, a man who had planned to murder Pope Pius XII. Bruno later presented to Pope Pius XII the very knife which he had planned to murder the Pope with. Pope Pius XII publicly embraced him with forgiveness.

When the Virgin Mary first spoke to Bruno, she described herself as the Virgin of Revelation and proceeded to give Bruno a message for our times. Bruno later went on to have a series of visions. Although the original apparition received strong support from many in the Church, his later visions are not as well known and therefore do not carry the same support. However, they are worth considering and discerning. Speaking of one of his later visons, he stated - "The Israelis and Arabs are coming to an agreement but will always be a forced agreement will always be a powder keg with fire nearby one day it will ignite and blow up everything to ruin the whole world that's all living" Nov 10th 1973 Our Lady of Revelation.

The full message and the story of Bruno's conversion can be heard in the videos below -

Our Lady of Revelation Part 1 -

Our Lady of Revelation part 2 -

The story of Luigina Sinapi is a precursor to the apparition of Our Lady of Revelation at Tre Fontane. Exactly ten years before the Virgin of Revelation appeared to Bruno Cornicciola she prepared the way by appearing to another seer, a young catechist called Luigina Sinapi, on the 12 April 1937.

Luigina had arranged a pilgrimage to the Abbey at Tre Fontane for the Daughters of Mary group from her parish. Whilst walking through the eucalyptus wood, Luigina saw what seemed to be the remains of an aborted child in a grotto belonging to the Orsini Sisters. She buried the child and, unexpectedly, the Virgin appeared to her and said “I will return to this place because I need the assistance of a man who persecutes the Church and wants to kill the Pope. Go to St Peters and you will meet a lady dressed in black, who will take you to her brother who is a Cardinal. You will transmit what I have just told you to him and, in addition, tell him that he will soon become the new Pope”.

Luigina went to St Peter’s Basilica and met the woman, Elisabeth Pacelli, exactly as Our Lady had foretold. She was the sister of Cardinal Eugino Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII. Thanks to her, Luigina met the Cardinal and gave him the message entrusted to her by the Virgin. He listened to the message with a certain detachment and then responded “if there are roses, they will bloom”. A little less than two years later, on 2 March 1939, Cardinal Pacelli ascended to the Papacy with the name Pope Pius XII.

When the news of the apparition at Tre Fontane on 12 April 1947 spread, Pius XII adopted a particularly open attitude towards the event. In fact, he even confided to a Jesuit priest, Ricardo Lombardi that, “I knew”. On 22 July 1947, Bruno Cornicciola met privately with the Pontiff to confide the Virgin’s message to him. The Pontiff cried whilst listening to the Virgin’s message. He confirmed the veracity of the message and, on 5 October 1947, not even six months after the apparition, blessed the statue of the Virgin of Revelation in St Peter’s Square that was then solemnly transported in procession to the grotto. To those who asked the Pontiff how to react to the events at Tre Fontane, he responded “But what must we decide? Does it not do good? Do they not pray? Are there not conversions? Are there not healings of marriages? Well then, let’s leave the Madonna to do what we don’t know how to do”.


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